Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fill The World With LOVE!

I awakened with Petula Clark's song "Fill The World With Love" singing through me. And knew it was a sign from my Mom whispering to me from the heavens. This song was sung at her funeral 5 years ago and I haven't heard it or thought of it since that day. Even as a little girl, this song evoked great emotion for me. Cutting me so deep. I would stand there in church weeping uncontrollably. Unexplainably. No story of Sadness behind the tears; it was my soul knowing the Power of Love within me. Within All. Stirring. Calling. Echoing Truth and Beauty. This Force of Love beyond the human idea that is no less than the Creator alive within your very being, springing through your breath, connecting your Heart to the Heart of the World. This invisible thread. The Vibration of You, your divine essence pouring out silently. And Out Loud. All this Passion you embody. Ohhh, this Love. Yes!!! Feel this. Your Love of living this Ride of being You is everything. You Blessing your Self with Love every moment no matter what. You unconditionally Present to Your Self with Compassion instead of judgment. You Blessing your life each day when Fear, doubt, worry, anxiety swoops in and kicks your ass. Love where you are! Lean into what comes remembering this Love You are. Your Faith heals You and Lights Up the darkest moments as You stand whole, returning to your sense of Self. This LOVE! You cannot give others what you cannot give your Self. Liberating your Self from limited beliefs and thinking. Letting go of your History. Pulling Your precious Life Force out of the Past. There is enough Love in this moment to Fill the cracks when You could not Feel the Love; when Life shattered You. Be here. This is Your Life. No bullshit. Dare to stand in this LOVE. Feel life flowing. Allow the waters to carry You. Trusting. Claiming: You Matter. Opening your Brave Heart wider and wider filling Your Self with Love. And in doing this, You fill the world with Love. Living simply. Simply being You. You fill the World with Love. Following your Heart, Believing in your Dreams, Manifesting these Sacred Desires because You must. This is filling the world with Love. No holding back your authentic expression as this is death of the Spirit. Be Alive. Dance Free with Your Self moment by moment. Inviting the Surprises. Befriending spontaneity. Living in the now creating your truest life that reflects your truest Self. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Wow. Wow. Wow. Go be You. Sing Your Song without apology. Be in Awe of You. This Life so holy. Go kick this days ass filling the world with Love. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). I am FEELin YOU. All that LOVE. Woooooo!

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