Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Color the World with You!

You are Here to Color the World with You. Simply Being You. Claiming who You Truly are. Receiving Your Self. Remembering the Only Thing that's Real: This Fire You came to Free. Awakening this Untamable Force of Love. Pure Passion echoing the Colors of You. Aligning with the Truth and Beauty. Your Soul will Not let You forget this. Your True Colors. The essence of You. Absolutely Magnificent! This Aliveness. The Poetry of You Expressing. The Living Prayer of You Blessing this World. You are the Hope ever-blossoming. You are the Answer. You connected to All that Heart and All that Soul Dancing with the Whole. Daring to Follow the Flow. The Art of You is Uncontainable. Ever-Growing. Arriving and Letting Go into the More. Into what's Next. You Creating Your Own Masterpiece: Your Life. Your Personal Odyssey. Your Hero's Journey. Your Life Speaking the Colors of You breath by breath. Made more Brilliant by You Living. Showing Up. Playing Spontaneously. Looking to the Skies mirroring this Mystery unfolding. This Wondrous Adventure. So Much Magic. The Tale of You. Me. All. Twinkling with the Stars as they Commune with You. Illuminating You. Primal Energies stirring. You are Roaring. Animalistic-ly Alive. Howling at the Moon. Knowing the Moon is Fed by You as You are by it. Such a Raw exchange. Falling into the Moments. Letting Go. Liberating You. Always More. Stoking the Colors of You radiating the Perfection of You. As You are. Where You are. Trusting. Touching a Depth of You that You didn't know existed. The limitless Soul Tasted. The Colors of You So Delicious. Celebrating this Day. Living Open. Believing what You cannot See. Feeling the Possibilities. Your Life calling You. Appreciating You and honoring every step, every fall, every Rise that has led You here into this Moment. Beautified by this Love You embody. Saying THANK YOU for the Privilege to Be You. To experience the Amazing Grace ever at Work. The moments that kick you ass and make You curse this life. And the moments that steal Your Breath in Awe. Your cup spilling Over the Colors of You. Do Not let the Colors of You become Dulled by Boredom. You are Not here to do Time. You are here to come Alive. You come Alive in the Daring! Take my Hand in Yours. Take Your hand in Yours. Jump. Just do it. Don't wait. Life is Now. Someday May never Come. Be True to You Living In Color. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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