Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Story of YOU: Look Back. Look Forward.

Look at You. Look at Your Life. Look at All the Life You have Lived. Look at All the Life that Awaits. Look Back with Appreciation for All You have experienced, Acknowledging the Hard Knocks, the Heart Break, the Hurt and Be in Awe of Your Self standing here in Present Time. Look at the Creative Survival where You found gears within You that You didn't know existed digging deep to walk through the personal hells. Look at the earth angels who appeared to light the way for You in the darkest of dark moments. Look back to Look forward. Look at how Brave You have been the whole of your Life to remind Your Self that there are Depths to your Brave Heart ready for You to Reach for More. Can You Feel IT? Can You Feel The Magic of You and Your Life? Another Year is coming to an end. And every Ending is a Beginning. Life Cycling. Moment by Moment. Day by Day. Each Beginning an Ending. Each Ending a Beginning. You Showing Up present to Your Self wherever You are engaged in Your Life with Great Anticipation is Everything. Be Stoked to Be You! Feel the Love wash through You: Body. Mind. Heart. And Soul. LOVE is the Miracle. Return to this Feeling of Loving the Life You Live being You again and again. Take time to pause and reflect writing down your Heart's Desires, All You want to experience in every area of Your Life. Ground Your holy longings daring to Believe in the Power of You and Your Life. Let Go of "How" you can make this happen and Go into Your Wildest Dreams feeling the Possibilities. Let Go and GO Boldly into Your Self Broadening your horizons. Shifting Perspective. Opening. Flowing. Trusting Your Self and Trusting the Universe to Carry You into every experience necessary to lead You into a Life You Love. Materializing Your Spirit that is truly limitless calling You, Liberating You All of Your Days. Life is but a Dream. Dream Your Ass OFF. Dream! Dream! Dream! And surround Your Self with those who dare to Dream. This is a Life of Beauty. See it. Be it. Create it. The eyes of the soul revealing what the human eyes Veil. Be Dangerous. Be Wild. Be YOU. More of You. All of You at Play with Infinity. Receiving the Abundance of Your Life and Enjoying the Amazing Ride. One day this Journey will End. What do You want Your Life to Say? How do You want to Be remembered? Keep showing Up. Believe with All of Your Heart. Do what You Must to Free You. Make the tough choices that will disappoint others who expect You and need you to be other than You are. LIVE True to You. And Let it Grow. Welcome the Surprises. Shock the hell outa Your Self. This is Your Magic Carpet Ride. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)))!

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