Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reclaiming The Magic You Are!

What is It about an Open Road. The Sun Spraying through the Clouds. And Soul Stirring Music that makes Me Feel So Damn Alive? Beyond reason, Beyond explanation, the Experiences We Crave that are non-negotiable and only make Sense to Us are Matters of the Soul. Soul Shit! This inner Pull that takes Us into Surprise Adventures where no words can adequately language the Magnificence touched. Try as we might. The Poetry Lived is our Own. Essential food for this holy hunger. Communion. Life tasted. A Thirst Quenched when we didn't even know we were parched. Ohhh...Life is Wondrous. And Spontaneity, Letting Go, Dropping into the Moments, Daring to Follow the Amazing Grace flowing through Us Frees the Magic. Always There. Always Here. This Cosmic Dance felt with All that Heart. And All that Soul. You Awakening to the Greatest Song ever-Singing: YOU. Receiving Your Self. The Abundance You Are. Have Always Been. And Always Will Be. Feel this Truth echoing through You Breath by Breath. This moment. This Day. Return Home to Your Self, Your Truest Self again and again. Remembering All that You Are. And Connecting to the Abiding Joy in Living. Being You. Allowing this Ride to Reveal More of You. Discovering: Getting Lost Includes Finding Your Way! My Spirit loves a Road Trip. I Play Get Lost and Find jumping off an exit and Getting Lost to See what I Find. Unexpected Joys. Hidden Treasures. Trusting My Self. Leaning In. Excited by the Unknown knowing it is gonna be Great. Each moment is Alive. Take it by the Hand and Dance. Play. Sing. Let Go! Know Thyself. But never lock Your Self into some Cage, a Fixed Idea of Who You are and who You aren't. Invite ALL that Heart and ALL that Soul to Express through You. Believe in the Magic You Are. Claim this Miracle You are Living. Love this Day wide Open to the Wonders of You ever-blossoming. Just Say THANK YOU! More Please. Smiling with All of You. On Fire for Your Life. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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