Saturday, November 29, 2014

Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!

Woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Today is Here. Now. And this is Your Life. Pause to Connect to Your Sacred Self. Ground in your desires, all that You long to manifest. Be intentional asking for guidance and expecting to be led to those you need to meet, into experiences that will liberate you and usher You into New opportunities whose Time has come. Imagine Doors closing that need to close. And doors Opening that are Ready to Open You and the New life within this Lifetime. Follow the Signs (ALWAYS here. ALWAYS there.) that your magnificent Soul, that divine Spark within You that IS the Creative Force of the Universe ALIVE within You, magnetizes to Remind You who you truly are. I awakened this Day so fed by a text sent from a dear friend on a Journey. Inner and Outer. He is literally on an Open Road traveling across country into what's next, walking by faith not by sight and being called within into new Depths discovering the Well, assisting Forces ever-Present holding him through it All. He saw a Shooting Star LIGHT UP the night Sky. He had never seen one and was in Awe feeling his Spirit stirred. FEEL this. Sip in this Experience of the skies ablaze. Feel the fire inside You. All that Power You house visible in the shooting Star; Illuminating You as You walk through the darkness, the Unknown, this Bridge from old life into New. You are Made of Stars. The Star is You and You are the Star. Oneness tasted so sweetly. You launching into new creative gifts from the heavens, the breath of divinity echoing through You. Your eternal connection to the Source of All. It is Time! The Divine Timing that asks you to Trust the Will beyond your human will. Wanting what You want and surrendering to the Universe, allowing the Unfolding, the divine orchestration. No forcing. No pushing against Life. Flowing. Wide Open. Feel The Star showering You with Mystical Blessings. Stand in the moments and Receive the Love, the Abundance of Life. Feel All your Wishes for Your Life coming True as You are aligned, READY at the level of Soul (beyond human wanting what we want:))) that is scheduled for All that is emerging. Life over the Rainbow beyond your Wildest Dreams. You Touching limitlessness. The Hope streaking across the skies and through You. Feeling the Oneness with All of Creation. Yes!!! Knowing anything is Possible. Truly. Remembering who You are. Seeing the Perfection in every step of this Sacred Dance leading You Here. Now. Jump into the days Not Knowing; KNOWING it is gonna be F*ing AWEsome!!! Go. Go. Go. Kick this days Ass being You. So Brave. Bold. Grabbing the Fear by the Hand and Leaping trusting the net is there. Always. Freeing You from cages that may feel safe but are killing your spirit. Let Go! Expect Miracles claiming the Miracle You are. Believing in the Significance of Your Life. The evolution of You, your Soul, in service to the Collective. You liberating You frees All. You rising lifts the whole. Your Heart Open to the Joy and Love of living, being You Pours into the Heart of the World. You are the Change. The effect of You connected to the Magic You are, Life IS speaks vibrationally to All. Awakening All to the Truth: ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE aligned with the Universe within leading You Home to Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Always! Even when you cannot see it. Even when it feels as if You are getting punished which is Old OLD paradigms letting GO! The Universe within You is ever-assisting Not punishing You for "right or wrong" choices or behaviors. Or for being "good or bad." This is human bullshit that we have been fed for lifetimes and in this Life. Let it Go. Let the GOODness of the Universe wash through You. You are a Light of the universe and your LIGHT is always Good. No matter. Without ceasing. Be You. Do You. Love You. Love Life. Drink from this Ocean of Love all damn Day and let it nourish You and fuel You launching You into MORE. Oh, The Blessings that await. Wow. Wow. Wow. Just say THANK YOU, more more MORE please. Be stoked! This is Your Life. Your Amazing Ride.

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