Sunday, December 7, 2014

Joy! Joy! Joy!

Got Joy? Joy! Joy! Joy to You! How much Joy can You Feel this Day? Let the Joy that lies within You lift Your Wings and send You into this Grand Adventure with You Heart leading the Way. Applaud Your Self stoked to Be You at Play. Toast to the Day come what May. This is Your Joy Ride. Your Heart Lighting the Way. Feeling All that Joy. Always Here. Always there. Within You. Within Me. Within All. This resonance echoing from the depths of You singing Your Truest Song of Love. Joy abides. It washes through naturally. Let Go. No Tryin'. Let Your breath connect You to this Energy. Smile with All of You. Feeling the Joy in Simply Being. Being Alive. This Day. Sensing the Magic unfolding You at Play with this Life You are Living. Wondrous. Amazing. Ever-surprising. Stand here in this moment. Experience Your Self Fully. Be in Awe. It is damn Good to Be You. It is damn Good to Be. Receive Your Self. Receive the Abundance You are and Life Is. Remember You are Worthy and Deserving of All the Good. Being Received by others Feels so Good. Being affirmed by others who See You and Mirror the Beauty of You is divine medicine. Let it In. Let their words feed You. Feeling Your Life acknowledged. Knowing You Matter. Having Your Work Received by others is Amazing as You feel Appreciated and recognize how You Touch others being You. You Feel Significant and Understand the Effect of You on the World. But do Not wait, do Not deny your Self the Joy of Receiving You. It will Change the energy of this Day. It will put a bounce in your step and send You skipping down the street to the Music of Your Heart. Feel Moved! Feel the Celebration. Applaud Your Self. Silently. Or Out Loud. Let the Clapping Just come slapping your hands together slow and deliberately. Feel the Applause within. Echoing. Beauty. Truth. Dive IN. Lean IN. All IN. This is the Life You came here to live. Yes. It. Is. Receive it. Receive Your Self. This force pulsing through You into Form. Your Spirit ever-Free flooding You with the Joy that Lifts the Veils so You can See: YOU are the Miracle! YOU are the Heart of this World in the flesh. YOU are the Change-maker. YOU. Yes You. Sprinkle your Joy all over this Day. Your Heart Calling this Day and Everyone You meet: FRIEND. Be Courageous! Experience the Power of You and Your Brave Heart. Supa Dupa Fun and Supa Dupa COOL! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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