Sunday, December 28, 2014

Say YES! To Life even when You want to Day NO.

The Tempo of Life varies moment by moment, day by day through seasons that come to awaken More of You. You Birthing your Self again and again until this Life is No more. The challenges you face in order to See your Self are Necessary. Pruning You. Stripping what is inessential. Hatching seeds of Promise. Cultivating your potentials ready to dance You into what's next. All that is to Be. You must Trust your Self, Trust Life at a new depth. It ain't easy. Growing Up and Out of a Life you have lived. A Cycle complete. More Life calling You. It requires effort on your part to consciously meet what comes and allowing the graces of the Universe to Assist You. Letting Go. Freeing the Wildness. Your Heart Untamable. Uncontainable. Has songs to Sing. And the songs grow Truer. Along with You. Mirroring who you are Now. You authentically expressing. You evolving. You saying YES even when You want to Say NO. Leaning into the Unknown knowing it is going to Be Great. The Fear is no match from Your Brave Heart that houses the Power of the Universe. Your human grip no match for the divine Pull. You muster the Courage dropping into Your Self. Feeling the Fire. What feels as if it will Kill you has come to Free You. The heat of terror washes through You. Evidence that You are Alive. And kickin! Tapping into new gears that will launch You into the Surprise of Life. Meeting You. Experiencing the Power of You. The heavens met in the hell. Your divine nature revealed in the shit storms shaking things up and out. Clearing what must go so You can Go where You never knew you could Go. Flowing with Life. Untangling the knots that come as to be human is to be insecure, to court Fear. Worrying and doubting and feeling anxious is a part of being alive. Take what comes by the hand and jump into the moment. Being with it. Being with Your Self. Loving what is. Loving Your Self. It ain't about being Perfect. It is about Being You. Meeting You. Tuning in to the Music within. And Dancing as only You can to the Sounds echoing from the depths of You that only You can hear. Understanding Your Self. Knowing Your Self. Listening to the guidance. All that Heart. And All that Soul. Aligning with Your Sacred Self. Believing anything is Possible. Seeing You are the Miracle-maker. Creating from this Force of Love. Stepping into Life. Receiving the Blessings. Pulling Down Dreams. Remembering who You truly are. Feeling the Joy resonating. Being Alive. Daring to be Young and Foolish no matter how old You are. Knowing your Spirit is Ageless. Reaching for More. Delighting. There is Always More. As long as this Life lasts, obstacles will come. No way to Bypass the Twists and turns and forks in the Road. Embracing them includes cursing them. And as You curse the Darkness, your Laughter will bring the Light. What an Amazing Life you are Riding! Ride it All. It is All leading You Home. All roads lead back to You. And it is Damn Good to be You even when it feels otherwise. Say YES!!! Opening the valves of life wider and wider. Shouting: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo! 2015: Bring It On!

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