Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tis the Season of Laughter and Tears!

Tis the Season of Laughter and Tears! Awaken to the Beauty of this Dance Life is falling into the Experiences moment by moment. Being with All that Comes. Let the Music within You fill You with a Sense of Magic. The Living of this Adventure makes You Rich. Letting Go. Riding this Life Open. Allowing the Surprises. This is a Season of Heart! Feeling the Love at a depth that leaves you in Awe. Feeling Grateful for the Gift of Life. Being in the Wonder. Remembering the Miracle You are and this Life is. The Human Spirit is absolutely Divine. Celebrating. Playing. Cultivating Joy as laughter rises from You so connected to Loved ones. Enjoying rituals that stoke Your Fire for Life. Touching all that Light You cannot See. All that heaven You House. Tasting the Sweetness of Life through your favorite Treats and People. And the Heart indeed has a Memory. The Bitter swoops In. Let it Be. Traveling back in Time visiting Life lived. The Past calls You. Acknowledge all that has been. All Memories Hold treasures. The Dearly departed bring an ache for what was but is no longer. Grief rings your Heart out. Melancholy comes knocking. Let it Be. Let the Love that Is hold You. The bonds of Love Unbreakable Remain. Sip them In. Welcome the Tears as You do the Laughter. Love Your Self whole in the Moments where You feel Broken. Come Alive. Uncensored. Expressing not Repressing. Tears are as essential as Laughter. Tears are a mark of Strength. You Courageous enough to live Free. Not buying into the Control model that causes emotional constipation. Be Brave. Please let Go of that Old Belief! And let life flow from the Hush within You. With All of my Heart, I Believe we will miss tears when we die and leave this physical world. Evidence we are Feeling Beings. Tears contain our stories that spill from the depths of us. Unspoken pain. and Joy. Tears Speak. No bullshit. Uncontainable Truth. The Sensation of tears washing Up. Burning. So Alive with Heat from the inner Fire. Touched by moments. Life ringing us Out. And watering Us. Pain cutting Life into Us. Freeing Us. Wow. I am weeping. And this makes me Smile. Tears make me Happy. Imagine that! Who'd a Thunk it? But this Feeling is undeniable. Fresh air blowing through me in the Truth and Beauty of this Experience. All of it! Perfect. The Joy. The Love. The Hope. The Peace within You abides. Have Faith in Your Self fortified by All that washes upon your shore. Cut nothing Out. Trust Life. This is Your Life. So precious. Unwrap the Gift. Believe You Matter! Believe in the Power of Love! Happyass Dance through the Laughter and Tears singing: woo woo woofrickinhoo! It is Damn Good to Be You.

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