Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giving Thanks for All that Comes!

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat. Drink. And let your Heart be Light. Ohhh the Power of living the energy of THANK YOU! The holiday season has begun inviting each of us to stretch our Hearts Open even wider; to Cultivate our attitude of gratitude. Count our Blessings; to Appreciate this Life, Our Self and those we share this Journey with. What's Not to Love about a Holiday that is Heart-based reminding us to Give Thanks? Actually. The Holidays create a lot of chaos uprooting us from our grounding rituals and routines; triggering old family pains where wounds remain festering. People say to me over and over "...But I love my Family!" and I assure them that I know they do. Loving family from a far is one thing and being sucked back into dramas and shit storms as you walk through the door as if a portal takes you back in time. There you stand grown ass. And yet You are a child again reliving history. The vacuum suction is fierce leaving You saying: "WTF?! What just happened?" You were sincerely looking forward to seeing those you love and miss Not anticipating the Triggers that appear on the surface to be nothing but are deep rooted in Pain. All that Hurt still there. The ghosts of the past come to haunt You. And I URGE YOU: let them come. Let them Be. Let the moments Be. Give Thanks!!! Yes. Give Thanks for the Crazy that You would never wish for, that you tried to prevent. This is a Gift from the Universe bringing the Perfect Storm to Clear old crap whose time has come to Let Go! The opportunity to Free energies plugged into the Past stealing your precious Life Force. Feeling the Hurt. Acknowledging the grief of the Heart breaks you experienced. Finding your way into Your Brave Heart that will Kick ass for You helping you LET GO! And Let LOVE, this Miraculous energy You embody do Mystically and Magnificently what only it can. The Amazing Grace echoing through. All the Light illuminating the Dark that surely comes knocking. Ohhh, the Liberation of You, more of YOU ready to plug into Life flowing In the Here and Now. Living the Passion. Untethering from the Story. Letting Go of Victim Consciousness and becoming the Victor. Surrendering the Need to make the past different than it was. Accepting the Unacceptable. Laughing out Loud as You say: "WTF does FAIR have to do with this Human Journey?!" Haha! Seeing through the eyes of the Soul: It's ALL Perfect. Wow. Every moment. Every Experience. Purposeful. Leading You Here. Home to your Truest Self and Truest Life. Appreciating with Higher Perspective that F*cked Up Shit Serves in the evolution of Us individually and collectively. It ain't easy but it is necessary. Place your Self in Your Heart and feel the Abiding LOVE breath by breath. Use your breath to ride the waves of emotions that will surely come. Your Love is the Healer. Love your Self Big. Love is always the Best idea. Yes. It. Is. Hold your own hand and give THANKS celebrating who You are, wherever You are. Happyass Dance to the Song in Your Heart ever-Singing. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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