Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nothin' More Powerful than an Open Heart

No Holding Back. Let Go. Rip Your Heart Open and Give Your Self Away at Play, All Day. There is Nothing More Powerful than an Open Heart. The Force within You roaring gently and fiercely fueling Your Days, guiding your Life. Lighting the Way come what May. Tapping into new depths discovering You truly are Unstoppable. Your Pain, Your Hurt, Your Heartbreak is No Match for your Brave Heart. Within You lies everything You need to Navigate your Journey. The Courage to face your fears and let go of Limiting Beliefs in order to Go into the Unknown, to do what You must. Again and again. Crossing through thresholds into New Life not knowing exactly where it will take you but You Trust it is All Good. You Trust this Power within You to See You through all challenges, obstacles and disappointments. Seeing what You are Truly made of, You Believe in the Miracle You are. We are All Miracles! Feel the Miracle You are. What You can do remains to be seen. Who You will become is the great Surprise. The Gift of You ever-growing. Ever-giving. Freeing You. More of You. All this Heart. And All this Soul. In the flesh. Living Open daring Life to Dance You. Welcoming the Changes that come. Peeling the Onion. Experiencing the Joy of being You living this Adventure. Tasting the Juice of Life as Passion pours through Your Presence and All that You do. Your Love of Living is contagious. Others hear the Song in your Heart echoing this Love and remember they too have a Song. Wow! The Power of You. One with the One. Connected to the Truth and Beauty. Knowing You Matter. Leaving a Trail of Joy everywhere You Go. You are the Greatest Gift. All that Light You cannot See is the heavens Shining through You. Illuminating the Darkness. You are the Answer. You are a Living Prayer. You are the Hope. You are the Peace. You are The Love creating the Miracles. Be Brave. Be You. Free You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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