Friday, December 19, 2014

You are the Miracle: Live You. Love You.

Live! Feel Alive in the Adventure that is Your Life. Letting Go of the Rules tryin' to be Perfect. Live Imperfectly and See the Miracle Springing from Your Authentic Expression. Being who You are. Standing in your Self. Wild. Courageous. Brilliant. Bold. Coming Alive in the Daring. Going to the edge again and again. Delighting in the Fear as it floods through You. Understanding it cannot Stop You. Only You can Stop You. And the moment You take Fear by the hand instead of Resisting it, pushing it Away, pretending it doesn't exist, you Free it. Flowing with what Is. Allowing this energy to wash through you. Neutralizing the Fear through befriending it. Being Present to it. Feeling your Higher Self, the Universe within You engaged, diffusing the Charge. Fear is no match for this Force within You, the heavens holding You as You walk this Earth. Finding Your way within. Again and again. Drinking from this Well of Love, You feel the Force You are. You Believe in The Strength of You that meets the moments, avoiding nothing, knowing the Power that lies within You intimately. Tasting it with All of You. Connected to the Fire. Your Brave Heart will kickass for You so You can Go Boldly into the Days with a sense of Self. Remembering You Matter. Listening deeply to what You want and need. Not dismissing Your Self. Not allowing Busyness to numb You and disconnect You stripping the Joy of being You. You Matter. Caring, tending to Your Self is Not Selfish; it is essential nourishment so You can Serve Your Self Up. Give Your Joy to the World. Offer Your Abundance breath by breath. Pour Your Love into the Heart of this World knowing You are the Greatest Gift You can possibly give. Awakening this Passion, You Feel the Sacredness of You and All dancing individually and collectively. Growing in the Love. Fed by the Joy of the Moments. Evolving. Inviting What's Next? Knowing More of You is Calling You to Play. There is Always More to be Revealed as the veils lift through effort and grace. You showing Up. Open. Let Life Ripen You. Beautify You in the Living. Loving Your Self. Loving Life. The Magic of this Love You embody clearing All obstacles as You face what comes. Just to be Alive is Amazing. But to Feel Alive is Miraculous. Dance with this Day freeing the Truest Song in Your Heart echoing: Peace. Love. And Joy. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). It is Damn Good to Be You. There will Never Be another Human Being just like You. Live YOU. Love YOU.

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