Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ohhh Life.

Ohhh Life. This Life Calling You. Inviting You to Come Out and Play. To Stand Up and Be Counted. To Believe in the Magic of You and Your Life. To Remember the Power of the Universe, this Cosmic Force of Love that lies within You longing to Dance You into the Wild. Where on a human level You didn't know You could go. But at the level of Soul always knew You would go. Standing On this earth in this Life pulling down the heavens. Stepping into the Dreams. Aligning Your human journey with Your soul journey. Your Brave Heart remembering what Your Soul knows. Letting go. Shedding what blocks You from flowing with Life. Receiving Your Self. The Abundance of You connected to this Fire. This Mystical fuel that animates All of Creation spraying the skies with shooting Stars and Breathing You. Me. All. Your Heart Beat no less Magnificent than the night Skies Twinkling. Connecting to the Inner rhythm, this Song in Your Heart, in Harmony with the Universe ever-opening You. Returning Home to Your truest Self. Living the Passion. Expressing Your Self authentically. Moving consciously through Your Days. Experiencing Your Life awake. Feeling Your Self Alive. Participating fully in Your liberation walk. Enjoying every step come what May. Knowing: This is Life. This is My Life. Sensing Your Significance as You touch the depths of You that came here to Dare. Coming Alive in the Daring. Being Stretched out of your comforts that dull You. Your Hero's Journey fueled by the heavens within You. Some will call You Brave. Some will call You Foolish. You fly Free. Attaching to neither. Tuned In. You are Undefinable. You are Uncontainable. You are Unstoppable. You are a Creator in the flesh. Here to Bring Your Special Magic. The Essence of You. You are the Offering. You are the Hope. You are the Answer. ALIVE. Being You. Doing You. Believing You Matter. Following Your Bliss that won't Let You Rest in a Life that no longer fits no matter how beautiful it appears. The Wisdom of the Soul reveals what lies behind the Curtain: It Looks like this at first glance. And the Truth Is this. Amazing Grace lifting the Veils. Divine Sight trumping the Illusions. The Call of Life Into More for your JOY. The World needs Your Joy! Your Joy is My Joy. My Joy is Your Joy. Take my hand in Yours. Let's Happy Dance Stoked to Be Alive Shouting: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))!

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