Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Beginnings and Endings: This is LIVIN'!

One Moment ends and the next begins. One Day ends and the Next Begins. One Month ends and the Next begins. One Year ends and the next begins. Life: Every Ending is a Beginning. Every Beginning is an Ending. Throughout your entire Life, You are Crossing Bridges from what was into what will be. Walking Your Path into More Life calling. Making Your way, stepping Out of Old Life into New Life. Life ever-cycling in service to the Evolution of You. Me. All. Stripping Us. Pruning Us. Growing Us. Blossoming Us. The winds of Change come. Sometimes swiftly and unexpectedly, You feel as if a Twister has sucked You in, ungrounding You, taking You from All You have known and loved like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. And just like Dorothy, You must make Your way following the Yellow Brick Road that You find your Self On. The Journey into the Unknown to claim the parts of You ready to Play, to Express and lead You Home. It is human nature to assume the Worst when the storms of Life visit feeling as if You are being punished or F*cked something Up. But this is Life. The transitions and transformations are You LIVING Life. Meeting Life. Greeting Your Self. Letting Go. Reaching for More. Letting Go of who You believed Your Self to Be only to discover what You could Never have known without the Uprooting, the Upheaval: YOU are Far More. And there is ALWAYS More to explore. New depths of You emerging. Just keep On walking. Remembering: This is Life. You may Not want to move forward and face what has come. BUT You can. Within You, this Brave Heart lies possessing limitless Courage, the Power of the Universe. Plugged in to This, the Mountains Move and the seas part. All obstacles fade. This is Living Faith. Believing what you cannot see. Trusting Life to carry You to the other Side come what may. Being Certain in the midst of Uncertainty. Feeling your way connected to the Truest Power that animates All of Creation. Daring You. Guiding You into What's Next?! Lean into the moments Open and Receiving. Flowing with Life so Abundant. Dance! Sing! Play! Welcome the gifts that Surely Come as You Fear You can't go any further, as You drop into your Self and Find gears You never knew existed that ignite More Fire to Go where You must. And There You Are! Supa Dupa COOL:)). More of You than You could ever Imagine. The Beauty and Truth of YOU lighting You Up. The Joy of Living it All. Experiencing what You would Never have wished for, what You cursed and thought might kill You. You coming ALIVE. Freeing the Passion. The Miracle of You felt. This Force of Love no longer an idea but a Companion to assist You in Creating a Life You absolutely Love. In times of transition, Your Kindness and compassion toward Your Self is essential Nourishment. And Belly Laughing and Booty Poppin' is Divine medicine keeping Your Heart Light even in the midst of the Heavy. Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! Go into the moments. Be there. Be here. Do what ya gotta do. This is LIVIN'! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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