Sunday, December 14, 2014

Living FREE.

It's a Funny Thing. This Life. To Be so Free. And Yet Held. Still More. Know Thyself. Living the Way! New Heights. New Depths. New Widths. Life Expanding You. The Call into the Wild. The Unknown. The Unexpected Life. You May forget the Poetry You Are. But it will Not forget You. Matters of the Soul. Divine Timing. Orchestrating Perfectly. The Unfolding Adventure. Always More of who You Truly Are to Liberate. Flying out of the Cage Door again and again. Discovering New Wings Opening You to the Wonders of You. More Life. Meeting Your Self along the Way. Meeting People along the Way just when You need them who Take You into Your Self. They swoop Into Your Life appearing out of Nowhere. Unafraid of Your Glorious Wings. Reminding You There are More Songs to Sing. No way to Plan this Celestial exchange. The Relationship so Distinct ushering You into the Life awaiting. Knocking on Your Door. It is an unexplainable Homecoming. Giving You Permission to Come Alive. To Be Foolish. To Free the Dreams. Smiling. Nodding. Assuring You. Holding a Mirror Up to You. Seeing You. Knowing You. Beyond the limited idea of friendship rooted in History, based on Common interest, Soul companions come to play with You Human to Human at a Depth You didn't Know was Possible. The Connection like No other. The Truest Friends who Simply Love You in the purest way. No agenda. No Strings. No Conditions. Freedom to Be You! All of You. They Clap and Applaud celebrating You. Wanting EVERYTHING for You and Nothing from You except the Joy, the Love Experienced in the Exchange. They Believe In You in a Way that bellows the Fire within You Freeing the Passion You came to Express. They Grab ahold of You Flying You on their Wings until You are Ready for Your Solo Flight. Trusting. Allowing these New Gears to Ride You into Life Over the Rainbow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Amazing Grace is ever at Work guiding You just where You need to Be. Meeting just who You need to Meet along the Way in order to Meet Your Self. Be Present to All who Pass by You this Day. Soul Messengers come in a Variety of Packages. And come and go like the Winds. Ahhhh...Life is Mystical. Magical. Wondrous. Absolutely Delicious. So Alive. Receive the Abundance. And Give it Away Breath by Breath. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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