Monday, November 24, 2014

Look for the Cherry on Top of Life!

What a Time of Miracles the Holiday Season is! Thanksgiving calls us to consciously Look for the Cherry on Top of this Amazing Ride. Look for the reasons and things that make your Heart Light. Think of those who make your soul blossom. And it is your Focus expecting to see the Good, cultivating your Heart with Gratitude that creates the Magic that is always here no matter what. All day long, every day Giving Thanks opens your Heart to the Ever-present Beauty. The Abundance of Life Ever-flowing. Stoking that inner Fire nourishing your Self, drinking from the Ocean of Love within You, Receiving All that Is, Remembering what You are made of and who You truly are. Counting Blessings. You Appreciating Your Self, others you share this Journey with and Life itself for what it Is. For All it is. Feel this: YOU are a Miracle. YOU are the Love of the heavens in the flesh. YOU are the Magic you seek outside of your Self. YOU are the hero of your own Life. YOU house the wisdom of the Universe ever-guiding You; calling you home into what's next into new life awaiting; daring you to listen to the inner nudges and whispers inviting You to Let Go and Trust your Self and Life. Facing Fears. Holding your own hand and feeling supported by this Abundant Universe. It ain't easy to Let Go of the familiar even when it ain't working for You and is stripping the Joy of living and being You. Seeing that You are the mountain to Move. Being compassionate to your Self instead of judging. Knowing your Love is the Miracle and your judgment is the Hell. Choosing to drop into your Brave Heart and live in the moments, making choices from the inside out, shining the Light seeing what was once concealed. Amazing Grace echoes through your very breath. Feel this. Feel your power. Feel your Self. Do. Be. Do. Be. Receiving is essential! Show Up for your Life, each moment is precious. Acknowledge the Hurt Self that is trying to keep you safe that creates from the limited Mind and Be Brave! Drop into Limitlessness where your Sacred Desires are waiting for You. Let Go of beliefs around scarcity and lack and a punishing universe that keeps score. Abundance Is. You are the Abundance of Life. Open your Self to Receive what Is. Ask your Self: What will I allow my Self to Receive? Notice feelings that arise. Let them come and let them Go. Be present. Celebrate the Abundance. Harvest the Bounty of Life. Say THANK YOU!!! And feel the energy of these words connecting You to the abiding Truth and Beauty. It is Damn Good to Be You! What's not to LOVE? Not a damn thing. Woo woo woofuckinhoo :)).

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