Monday, December 8, 2014

The Power of Words: HEART and SOUL

Heart and Soul. The exchange of Words expressing thoughts, ideas, feelings. Ohhh, How I Love Words. And Believe in The Power of Words. Words Change the World. Words are Alive. Echoing vibrationally from the depths of You. Me. All. Words touch Us. Words evoke feeling. Words liberate. Words stir. Words call us into Action. Words lift veils taking us into higher consciousness lighting the way for deeper understanding. Words Open us to More Life that lies within Us. Words awaken the Beauty and Truth You are. I Am. All of Creation in Vibrational Harmony connected. All this Heart. All this Soul. Animating You. This FIRE! The One True thing. What we are here to FREE. This Body without Heart and Soul feels dense and lifeless. No Energy to Plug into What Truly matters to You, what makes You come Alive, what Makes Your Heart and Soul Sing Out Loud. The disconnect from the Sacred Self, this Inner Spring of Vitality causes Anguish, overwhelming heaviness and life can feel meaningless. Lost in our Own Life trying to find our Way Home. Imprisoned. Stuck in the Mind. The Cage. Self-talk feeding Your Self affirming words, reading words that Inspires You, listening to Music, conversation with a Friend who lifts Your Spirit resuscitating You with Words. Words take Us into the Journey of Heart and Soul. These Cosmic Forces. This Love so Fierce it parts the seas and moves the Mountains.The Juice of Life that makes every moment unconditionally Joyful beyond Reason. Beyond the idea of Joy. Joy abiding. Washing through. This Intrinsic Rhythm. Palpable. Delicious. Sweetness of Life Only tasted from The Heart and Soul. Keep plugged into that Fire. Feel it. Find Your way into your Brave Heart ever-roaring that Always Remembers who You Truly are and what You are Made of: ALL this Heart and ALL this Soul. You are Pure Passion in the Flesh. Yes. You. Are. Go kick this days Ass Being You. Freeing You. Loving Life Wide Open. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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