Saturday, December 27, 2014

We Are Cut from the Same Cloth!

We are cut fromThe same Cloth! Each of Us is a piece of the Heavens dancing here on earth. Briefly. Poetically. Living Prayers. Divine Holograms. The Significance of You. Me. All is immeasurable. Each of us is holy no matter how fractured, no matter how lost, no matter how disturbing. On the Surface, it looks one way and we judge based on what we see. But the Truth is no matter how F*cked Up someone appears, their life is as Sacred as Yours. Our stories playing out differently. Each of us distinct Expressions of the Universe embodying a Love so Great that what we can Do, what we will Do in our Lifetime will Surprise us again and again. Amazing Grace lifting veils. Illusions letting Go. Blind one moment. And Seeing the Next. Transcendent experiences. Revelations come sweeping through You and You Know what You didn't know before. Faith fueling You beyond a concept. Living Faith. Believing even when Fears and doubts swoop in. Fear is no match for the Force You are. Feeling aligned. Connected to the flow of Life. Tasting Limitlessness as we evolve and grow. Sometimes fated interventions come knocking to Awaken Us to the Power within Us. Illness. Death. Loss of what was. The ground you once stood on is gone forcing you to Discover new ground. Life which was familiar turned upside down forcing You to navigate new territory, go into the Unknown Trusting Your Self as never before. We must Grieve what was feeling the Hurt, the Sting, the Bite of Life. And drop into the Brave Heart where Courage roars with the Fire of the Infinite Revealing Truth: You are Unstoppable. You are Uncontainable. You are a Miracle in the flesh. Your Spirit Ever-Free is the True Self housing the Divine. Returning to your inner compass, Your North Star guiding You Home to More of You ready to come Out and Play. Enlivened by what we would never have wished for. Pulling the Magic out of the hat life dealt you. Creating New Life from the rubble. Knowing what Truly Matters and what doesn't. You feel Rich. You receive the Abundance You are and Life Is. Always! Clarity revealed from the Fog. All experiences are Purposeful. You are Purposeful. Beyond the roles you play. Beyond the positions and job titles. Beyond Measure! You are a Child of the Cosmos at Play. Be Joyful. Live for the Love of it. Being You. Doing what You do. Letting your Happy guide your choices. Your Heart is the Heart of the World. And the World needs Your LOVE singing On and On and On. Be stoked to Be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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