Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving! Just say THANK YOU all day long and Feel the Magic of You at Play with Life. Gratitude is a Powerful force shifting You instantly into your Heart that echoes the Abiding Love and Joy beyond reason. This resonance. The Truth of You. The Vibration of Your essence. Lifting You Beyond circumstances. Living unconditionally. Open. Flowing. Receiving the Abundance of You and All of Life. Dancing with Infinity into Life here and now; and More Life calling You. Ohhh...This wondrous Adventure is Mystical and Miraculous freeing your Heart to Light the Way on your Journey. Your Gratitude spills into All. Pause to Appreciate who You are. All that makes you distinctly YOU. And tell others All day what You Appreciate about them. Face to face. Text. Email. Call. Just Say It!!! Share your Heart and the Effect will leave You in awe. Tender moments made possible by Love. Always here. Always there. Years ago, I worked with Junior High students on Self-Esteem. We would begin our time together in a Circle. Each student would stand in the middle and the other students would say what they appreciated about him/her. The student in the middle was instructed to simply Receive all the Goodness with their arms at their Side standing Tallw with their held high and their Heart Open. I would ask the student: "Tell me How you FEEL?" after All the Love poured through. Each was astonished and many got choked up crying as they were touched deeply. We spoke of the Energy of Love felt through the Power of Gratitude. Wow! Imagine how touched I was to get a Facebook message from one of those students Thanking me and reminding me of this "exercise" which was actually an act of letting In the Amazing Grace ever-Present within each of us and All moments. She said that this a part of her family's Thanksgiving ritual and when they gather for Special Occasions. She wanted to Thank me. I Receive her Love Feeling the Connection Heart to Heart that knows No Time or Space. My cup Runneth Over into her into You into the Heart of this World. Go! Be You. Do You. Feel You. Feel this Love You embody and Set it FREE. Love this Day with ALL of You on Fire for Life. Celebrating all that Is. All that has been. And All the Good to Come. Thank You for being YOU. I Love YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). Lucky ME!!! Happyass Dancin to the Music of my Heart.

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