Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jump Aboard: Enjoy Your Ride!

BELIEVE. Believe. Believe. Say to Your Self Over and Over: I Believe. Sip this Into Your bones. Feel this Energy pulsing through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Fueled by Truth. Anything is Possible. C'mon! Jump Aboard. Wherever You Are. Right Here. Right Now.This is Your Ride. This is Your Great Odyssey. This is Your Own Personal Hero's Journey. This is Your Story. This is Your History. This is Your Mark. This is Your Life. Love Each Day for What It Is. And Live It All. Experience the Moments. Fully Present. Engaged. Feeling the Joy of Being You. Feeding Your Heart and Soul with Things that Matter Most to You. Essential nourishment. Non-negotiable. The MUSTS of Life! No matter how shitty the Day or the Circumstances KNOWing what Matters MOST to You lessens the Turbulence and Lightens Your load. Your Spirit Dances Free connected to the Abiding Beauty You Are celebrating this Ride come what May. And Remember the Wise words from The Polar Express Conductor: "Life ain't about Trains. It doesn't Matter where You are Going. It is Deciding to Get On." This Day. Each Day. You standing in the Magic that animates You and All of Creation Believing in Your Self. Feeling the Power that lies within You. Knowing You Matter. Drinking from this Well of Love being Strengthened, Discovering New Gears, New Depths of Courage Ready to Ride You into More Goodness than You can fathom. Consciously Choosing to Participate riding This Life that is Yours. You Daring. Showing Up. The Gift of the Moments. Letting Go. Meeting Life. Your Self. Always More. How Exciting!! It is Damn Good to Be Alive even on the Suckiest Days and it is Damn Good to Be You. One moment You forget the Magic. And the Next, You Remember what the Soul Always Knows. Your Heart echoes THANK YOU! You Believing. Whoosh! The tides turn. You Feel the Wind in Your Sails. Opening wider. Flowing. Waves of Amazing Grace carrying You. Picking You Up. You Believing what You cannot See. The eyes of Your Soul navigating You Home. Higher Perspective. Faith Lived. Sweetness Tasted. The inner Light shining Brighter than Ever before. Wow! In Awe of this Life You are Privileged to Ride BELIEVING in the Magic. Feeling It. Living It! Tuning In. Dancing to the Song within You Ever-Singing. Listening. The Choir within. Perfect Harmony. Your Spirit is Ageless and Lives the Magic All Your Days. "The Bell still Rings for Me. As it does All. Who truly Believe." Ohhh...BELIEVE! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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