Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Breathe In the Moments!

Enter this Day wide Open. Lift Your Heart to the heavens and Receive the Abundance of You and this Life. Connecting to Your Self grateful for All the Life You have Lived. And All the Life that is to Be Experienced. Just Breathe In the moments. Let the warmth of All the Good spiral through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Feel the Peace. Feel the Hope. Feel the Grace. Feel the Joy. Feel this Life filtered through Your Brave Heart that Dares to Love taking You into depths of Your Self where All You can taste is the Sweetness even as the Bitter washes through. The Courage that lies within You is the strength of the Universe taking You beyond the human story where You Experience the divine. You Loving this Life even when things aren't going exactly as you wanted them to go or had planned. You Loving your Self even the parts you want to judge. The Perfection of You. Life. All of Creation seen through divine Sight. Your Spirit does Not demand things to be a certain way. It meets what Is. It Loves without conditions allowing the Peace, the Joy, the Hope, the Grace to Be. These energies within You abide. All You have to do is Plug into them. You dance Free in the Beauty and Truth of You. The Journey from the head to the Heart worth the effort. Inviting the assisting forces, the Amazing Grace to do what it does. Letting Go of Beliefs and thoughts that choke Off the Magic. Focusing on the Blessings that come without ceasing even in the midst of Heartbreak and Challenges. Pouring the Light into the Darkness with Gratitude. Not denying the Feelings. Acknowledging what comes up. Being with It. Ohhh, the Miracle of Letting It Be. Loving what Is. Holding your Self with Compassion. Giving your Self the Understanding. Making the Pain as Sacred as the Joy. Honoring the Tears as You do the Laughter. Being Alive! Uncensored. Allowing the Direct Experiences. Cutting Nothing Out. Life touching You. All that Heart and All that Soul creates the Magic. Celebrating the moments. Meeting Your Self with Awe and Reverence. Remembering who You Truly Are. You are badass Brave! Yes. You. Are. The Pain of Life. The Challenges that come are no match for the Power that lies within You. Knowing You have EVERYTHING to Give: YOU! You are the Offering. You are the Gift. Being You. Living the Life You came here to Live. You expressing Authentically. Believing in the Miracle of You and Your Life. Walking in Faith. Birthing Dreams. Living the Passion. Growing Rich in the Receiving of You and the Giving of You.The Greatest Legacy: YOU. Go sprinkle Your Self all over this Day. Feeling Your Heart at Play. Lighting the Way for All. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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