Saturday, December 6, 2014

Be Daring. Be You.

Be Daring All Day! And Experience the Miracles of You Being You. More of You. All of You. Dare to Say what You want to Say. Dare to Do what You want to Do. Dare to listen with Your Heart letting your truest Thoughts Inform your choices. Dare to Consciously enter this Day awakening and aware of what brings You Joy and what doesn't. Dare to Say NO. Dare to Say YES. Dare to Be Afraid. And Do what You Must discovering that even Fear cannot Stop You or Rule You. You are in Charge of Your Life. Only You can Stop You. And Today, Don't You Dare let Anyone or Anything Keep You from Jumping into Life. Please. Please. Please. Dare to be True to You. Dare to give Your Self Permission to Live Free exercising Your Power of Choice. Dare to express Your Self authentically instead of mindlessly going along to get along, doing what is expected of You or doing what You have always done without checking In with Your heart to See if You truly have the desire. Dare to Observe Your Self with Nothing but Love and Understanding as if there is an angel on your shoulder. Notice what it Feels like in Your body, mind, heart and soul when You make choices that honor You and your sense of Joy. Tune In. Energy never lies. Feel the Truth. Experience Living whole-heartedly instead of half-heartedly or with No sense of heart at all cut Off from this Passion, the Abundance of Life, this Vitality ever-springing that is always here. Within You. Alive. Within each Moment. Let Go. Feel it Flowing. Dare! And watch Life Open in Ways that will Surprise and Delight You and remind You of the Power that Lies within You. This World needs You. Your Joy. Your Passion. Your Love of living. Your Heart that is Vast enough to Hold the Heart of Humanity. Yes! Feel this Truth. Receive It. You are the Change. You Matter. You opening Your Heart to You Opens the Heart of this World. The effect of You. The Butterfly effect. You are an immeasurable Force! Be You and GO all the Way into More. Always More. You evolving and growing made possible from You DARING. Notice when You resist the urges to Live differently fearing the responses of others. Be kind to Your Self. When You choose Not to be True to You, LOVE Your Self. Own the choice and Be Compassionate to Your Self. When You choose to let that Fire roar daring to be True to You, LOVE Your Self. Just BE Alive in the Dance fully Present and consciously participating in Your Life. When You Dare, You take me with You. When I dare, I take you with Me. Our Brave Hearts connected. We are One. Truly In this Together. Let's DO this. Daring to Be who we truly are and feel our Hearts Singing Fiercely and Sweetly: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)!

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