Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Magic Sprinkles the Moments!

The Magic of Life Sprinkles the Moments. It Simply does. Without Ceasing. Wow. Wow. Wow! Let it Be. Be with Life. Even in this Year ending. Remnants of the Old Life just don't fit. It is complete. This in between Time. This Space both Empty and Full. Exciting and Frustrating. Allowing It All to ebb and flow. Everything is happening. And Nothing is Happening. New Life has begun. And is Not Yet Realized in the physical world. This Soul Journey is a Trippy One. Stoked! Feeling the Possibilities One moment. Sure-footed. Steadfast. And then Anxiety swoops In. Flashes of Terror. Energy Plummeting and Soaring. Bouts of Insomnia and Sleeping More than Usual. Unattached Is where we Rest. Letting go into the moments. Present. Is always the Way Out. Life is a little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell. Holding it All is badass Living! Feeling that Everything is Okay when Nothing on the Surface appears Okay. Your Soul carrying You through. Your Higher Self infusing You with Certainty that All is Well. Letting Go of judgment using your breath to soothe You. Trusting Your Self. Believing in the Perfection of All Moments. It ain't All Fair. It ain't All Pretty. It ain't All Glamour. It is All Life. And this acceptance, meeting what Is, life on life's terms which are Non-negotiable is flowing from Your Spirit. To accept the Unacceptable.To Love the Unlovable. So Divine. Your Soul at Work doing what only It can. Liberating You. Your human Self gets stuck in the Story. You dance Free being in the Direct Experiences. Noticing when You are putting on the Brakes trying to Stop the Unstoppable. Laughing at Your Self. Being Human is Funny. And So cool. Expect the Unexpected. And allow the Magic ever-Present to Rise from within You. Watch the Magic Pull the Beauty out of the Hat that appears to be Filled with Shit. The crap You would Never wish for bearing gifts. Invite the Magic. Believe with All of your Heart especially when You don't want to; when everything seems to bury You and You have no Reason to Believe. Curse the shitty things. Go on. And BELIEVE!!! Drink from the Inner Well. Connect to Your Brave Heart and Let it Bring the Magic alchemizing the Lead into Gold. Seize The opportunity in the Challenges to Grow, to Awaken, to Come Alive. Every Step Leading You to the Good that comes. And It will come. Believe this! The Joy within You abides. Let it Be. Let Go of the conditions you place on Life. And Dance in the Wild where You Discover More. More of You. And More to Love. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!!

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