Monday, December 22, 2014

Jingle Bells...Oh, What Fun it is to Ride this Life!

Jingle Bells...Jingle Bells...Jingle all the Way..Ohhh What Fun it is to Ride this Life Each and Every Day. Wooo! Dropping into the Adventure. Inviting the Magic. Moving deliberately towards New Life Opening. Pulling down Your Dreams. Welcoming the Surprises. Dancing in the Mystical to the Song of Your Soul Ever-Echoing in nudges and whispers. Following the Signs ever-guiding You Home to Your Truest Self and Truest Life. Your Soul knowing. Your Heart remembering: Life is Fun especially when You don't know what's next but Feel with All of You it is gonna be F*ing Awesome! The Great Unknown. You at Play with Infinity. Trusting. Stretching You More and More every day. Unfolding You perfectly. In a flash, You See your Self as You never have. The Truth and Beauty of You mirrored by Nature: the Skies, the Glorious Sunshine spraying through You, emanating from Your Heart Out into the World. Affirming words That come along just when You need them to stoke your inner Fire and fortify Your Faith in Your Self and in this Life ever-assisting You. The Outer signs are gifts from Your Soul. You magnetize, You bring in what You need to Claim who You are and receive Your Self. This Force of Love within You is the Power of the heavens partnering with You to Come Alive and Free all that Heart and all that Soul. Ohhh, the World needs All of You. Be the Change! You living the Passion. You Freeing the Joy. Being You. Authentically expressing who you are. Your Life is your Art. And You grow Rich in the Living. Present to the Gift You are. Unwrapping the gifts that Spring in the seemingly ordinary moments that are absolutely extraordinary. Touching the holy. Feeling Whole. You Owning Your worth. You knowing You are worthy of these Blessings that come without ceasing when You dare to Let Go and Believe in the Miracle You are and Life truly Is. You having the audacity to Live from your inner sight, your deepest Knowings. How exciting! How Fun! The human grip is no match for the divine pull. When the Soul calls you into the Hush, You will find that nothing makes sense and yet it makes Perfect sense. You can't adequately explain your reasoning because it is beyond Reason. Your choices become choiceless. You do what You Must. What was no longer fits. You let go and go into new worlds within. You follow the Signs living from the inside Out. Aligning Your human Self with Your divine Self, the Journey into Limitlessness begins. Old beliefs and paradigms that held You are shattered as You are Liberated. You flying free. You feeling connected to this Sacredness remembering it is You. It is me. It is All of Creation. You house the Light of the heavens. Let the Light illuminate You and show You who You truly are and what You are made of. Feel this. Hold your Heart and know you are holding the Heart of the World. Feel this Love so Vast pulsing through You. And Give it away! Because it is Fun. And it Feels damn Good to Feel Good. Passing On the Hope. The Joy. The Peace. The Grace. All that lies within You. You rising taking All with You. BELIEVE with All of Your Heart: You are the Miracle! You Are. How Cool is that shit. Bring it On. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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