Monday, December 29, 2014

Your Life Tells Your Tale of Courage!

The Story of You is Magnificent! You are the hero of Your Own Life. Your life tells the Tale of Great Courage in facing personal Challenges. The Power within You revealed again and again. You facing that which you would never have wished for in the crushing disappointments that took your Life in another direction. The heartbreaks that caused You to lose faith only to Discover a depth of Belief made possible from the Pain cutting Life into You. Feeling Broken one moment only to experience the cracks filled by a Force that fueled You with the Fire of the Universe. Knowing what lies within You beyond a mental construct. Knowing who You truly are. Touching the heavens as You walked through personal hells. Awestruck. Seeing it is Possible to stay the course, step by step, meeting hell head on as this Love of the Universe holds You. You are fractured by external events and made whole by the Miracle of Life breathing through You. The Paradox. The assisting Forces always at play. Amazing Grace spiraling through You. The Magic You embody is undeniable. It is your Treasure. The Abundance of You excavated. The Mystical dance leading You onto new shores, into to Worlds within You ready to Sing. Letting Go of how you wanted things to be. Letting Go of how you expected Life to Be. Letting Go so You are Free to Reach For the More that awaits. Untangling Your Energy from the Past. Coming into the Moment. The Point of Creation. Cursing what has broken You! Feeling the hurt. Honoring the Sting. Grieving what You have never Grieved, freeing your energy stuck in the Muck of the Story. Letting Go and Allowing Grief to do what it does. Washing through. Making the pain Sacred. Feeling what You could Not before but NOW, You must in order to Release Your Self from Victim consciousness that holds YOU and Your Dreams hostage. Jump off the hamster wheel. Step fully into Present Time. Consciously Align with the Power within You. Feel the Possibilities. Feel Hope rising. Remember All the Mountains You have already Moved since The beginning of Your Story. Remember the Seas You have parted aligned with the Divine Partner echoing through your very Breath, animating You, Lighting the Way Home. Always there. Always here. Within You. A Wow moment. Receiving Your Self. You are Unstoppable. You are Uncontainable. You are a Miracle. You are the Dreamer and the Dream. And EVERY step along the way was Purposeful leading You Here. You may have forgotten the Power that lies within You. But it has been there all along. It will Never leave You. It is YOU. Supa Dupa COOL! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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