Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This is Your Life. The Candle is Lit!

This is Your Life. The candle is Lit. The Season of You. The holy entry and exit. Your Life is Now. Each Breath is Sacred. The moments Dancing You. Revealing You. Surprising You. You showing Up. Receiving the Abundance You are, the Goodness of Life; experiencing the Sweetness even in the midst of the bitter. Discovering through the eyes of your Soul that there is a Depth of Sweetness that can only be Known in the wake of the Bitter. Life Opening You. Beautifying You. Touching You. Cutting You. Ushering You into new Worlds within. Life is Purposeful. Always. Every Step is Necessary. Feel this Truth and walk your Path deliberately sensing The Magnificence of You being You connected to Your Heart and Soul. Ground in All that You are. Enter this Day consciously tuned In to the fact that there will Never Be another Day just like this One. Sip this In. Let Joy guide Your Choices. Find your way back into this Ocean of Love within You when Fear, Doubt, Worry, Anxiety swoop In threatening to take You Out. Acknowledge what comes Up. Let it Be. Be with It. Let it Go feeling the inner tide turning. The ebb and flow. This is Living. Being the Captain of Your Ship sailing through the Days come what may. And this is essential All of your Days as You are Ever-growing until Your Last Breath. Challenges are necessary. The bite of Life means You still have a Dog in this Fight. And you wouldn't have it any other Way as This IS Your Adventure ever-unfolding. Standing outside the Fire attempting to play it Safe keeps the Juice of Life at Bay. Feeling Fear is Enlivening! You know You are entering new life within Your Lifetime when the electricity shoots through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Sheer Terror washes through breaking You Free from Cages. Be Present to It delighting in the Awakening. Knowing it is Time for the More. Boredom. Dulled by Your own life is the Death of Your Spirit. Remember this is Your Life. You Matter. Live the Poetry You Are as It still Being Written. Life writing You. You writing Life. Amazing Grace doing what It Does. Your Life is a Mystical Dance experiencing the heavens and hell as You walk this earth. Stay the Course. Live Beyond the circumstances. The Surface of Life will beat You Up. Plunge into the Depths of You. Move from Your Brave Heart into the Known and Unknown. Keep that Fire within Aglow. Smile from your Heart and Soul Out into the Whole. You are the Change! Believing In You. The evolution of You affects the Collective Soul. My Heart is Your Heart. Your Heart is My Heart. Our stories Play Out differently. Yet We Are One. Reverence for My Self creates Reverence for You and All of Creation. Go! Go! Go! Kick this Days Ass with All that Fire. Always there. Always here. Touch it. Free it. Feel Alive in Your Life! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). It is Damn Good to Be You. Yes. It. Is.

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