Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You Are a Light!

You are a Light of the Universe! Your Light is Always Good. Plug into this Goodness. The Abundance of You. Your Light is inextinguishable. Let the Lights aglow all around your home and your city remind You of the Essence of You. Me. All of Creation. You are here to Illuminate the World. You are the Light of the World. The Hope beaming from within You pouring this Energy of Love into the World. Receiving Your Self, The Truth of You, This divine Substance you embody. Standing Whole in a fractured World, You fill the cracks with Your Heart on Fire. Lighting the Darkest of Dark with You Ablaze. You Daring to Believe You make a difference. The Power of One. Connected to this Limitless Ocean of Love echoing through You breath by breath. Not buying into the ego's tale that You are Not enough. The Why Bother? Attitude forgetting who You truly are. Apathy comes from sheer overwhelm. The All or nothing story casting spells of doubt, worry and fear that swallows You and strips You of the Significance of You. Ohhh, You are a Force. Make no Mistake! You are a Change-Maker. You are an Expression of the heavens in the flesh. You Matter. Feel this! Your Soul knows. Your Heart remembers. Living the Life You came here to Live. Creating a Life You Love where Joy echoes from the depths of You. All that Heart and All that Soul guiding your choices. The Passion of You so Alive reminds others the Power of that lies within them. Believing You Matter. Your Heart and Soul stirs others Awake. Nothing to Do. No forcing others to See what they just don't. You being You singing Your truest Song. Consciously participating in the dance of Life Spirited and engaged, You breathe fresh air into the Collective. Your liberation lifts All. This Life lit from You returning Home again and again. It ain't All easy. Life breaks Our Hearts. It just does. The Dark necessary to Bring through More Light. With Heart Break, You find More. More of You. More of Life. More Compassion. More Hope. More Peace. More Love. More Joy. More Passion. Remembering the Pain of Life is no match for Your Brave Heart. Letting Go. Going deeper than ever before. Going within to be Nourished. Drinking from the Infinite Well within You as Life on the Surface leaves You feeling empty. You Reconciled. Life. Making Sense in the Senseless. Matters of the Spirit are Mystical and Magical taking You into Your Self where the Possibilities, All the Seeds of Promise lie for You to sow being You, freeing You. You are the Offering. All this Light You cannot See. Always there. Always here. Within You lies Amazing Grace spiraling, cauterizing wounds so Life's Blood can flow, opening You to the Beauty of You and All. Light this Day with Your Heart open wider than ever before. Give your Light away and watch the effect of You. Wow! You are the Miracle. Yes You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

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