Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Time to TRUST.

TRUST! You are where You need to Be. Breathe. Stay in the Moments. Let Go. And Let Your Soul that houses the Wisdom of the Universe usher You into A Depth of Living that Frees All that Heart and All that Soul. It is a Time to Be Brave! To Come Alive as Never before Feeling the Fire Inside You roaring. Feeling the Passion flowing as You meet Your Self and Life with a Sense of Possibilities beyond the Cages of Limitations. No longer able to Go Along to get Along. Believing in the Power of Your Life. KNOWING YOU MATTER! Refusing to Play by the Rules that confine and strip the Joy. You Dream Wildly! You are Stoked navigating this Life from Divine Sight following the Inner Compass that will Not allow You to Over-ride the Joy you came here to Express. Being You. Not some version of You disconnected from your Heart and Soul. Feeling Your way instead of Numbing Your Self cut off from your Sacred wants and desires. Daring to BELIEVE in the Magic of Being YOU. Know Thyself! Inviting More of You to Come out and Play with abandon. No going back to sleep when You Know You are here to Express Your Self authentically and passionately. You evolving. You growing. You LIVING! You Liberating Your Self again and again. Remembering this Creative Force within You that Parts the Seas and Moves the Mountains. Trust is a Matter of the Spirit. Your Spirit ever-Free is Your Truest Self guiding You into your Greatest Joy and Highest Good. Awakening You to your Heart's desires calling You into New Life and New ways of Being that changes everything. Your Spirit is Ageless. You Trusting is a Return to Innocence where You experience the Faith of a Child completely connected to the Universe, to the heavens. One with the One. Steadfast. Aligned. Knowing what You Know. What Your Soul has always known: YOU are the Miracle! YOU are the Change-Maker. YOU. Yes. You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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