Saturday, December 13, 2014


Impassioned. My fist beating the Table. Words pouring from me like Hot Lava Exploding. Fighting for the Only Thing that's Real. The Only Thing that Matters: LOVE. This Force. This Fuel. This Magic Elixir. I will Kick ass with My Brave Heart. I will Kick My Own ass when I wanna withhold My Self. Not sayin' or doin' what I long to say or do Outa Fear of how I will be Received. My hurt Self fearing I am too much and will Not be accepted, liked Or loved. And I will Kick Your Ass to take You into Your Brave Heart. Daring to Love. Daring to call Bullshit! When the game playin' begins creating rules around Expressing who we Truly Are and how we Truly Feel. Honest Moments are Alive. Full of Fire. And leave us enriched by the Exchange as Fresh Air blows through Us. Heart to Heart. Human to Human. Soul to Soul. Feeling Connected with Our Spirit Free to Dance Wide Open instead of the Usual Stale socially acceptable Rules of engagement. Repressing Our Self. Draining Our energy Tryin' to Say or Do what we Believe will Please others. Cutting Off the Flow. Manipulating. Playin' a Role. Censoring our Self. Tryin' is Lyin'. Being YOU is Badass Brave! And the World needs Your Brave Heart Impassioned. Sayin' and Doin' and Bein' and Freein' YOU. More and more. Showing Up. Leaning into the Fear and dropping into Your Fierce Heart roaring HELL NO! Letting go of what Deadens and Dulls You. Letting Your Heart ablaze take You into Depths that ignite All that Fire You Carry. The Juice of Life pulsing through You. Simply being You. And you living the Passion freeing Your Joy invite All to Join You. Boldly going into the Wild. Ordinary moments become absolutely Extraordinary. Spontaneity. You LIVIN Open. Showing Your Self. Naked. Raw. Bare. Stripped of the Cultural barriers that Fence You and your Precious Life Force In. Ohhh... Let Go. Go! Just Go. Feel Your Way into Your Brave Heart. Have the audacity to Be You in a World that wants You to Conform to some Ideal. Addicted to Perfection that Chokes Life Off. You become a shell. A Corpse walking this Earth void of Heart and Soul. Stand in Your Truth. Speak It. Do It. Live It. Be It. Free It. Letting Go. Experiencing Your Self at Play with Life falling into the moments and meeting Your Self. More of You. Always More. Call BullFrickinShit! On all the Pretense and Rip Your Heart Open Wider than You Feel is Safe. Further than is Comfortable. Daring! Going Boldly. Setting Fire to the RULES with Your Courage. Remember: In a Flash, Your Brave Heart will Sing No More. And All the Songs You Dared to Sing will Sweetly Live On. Yes!!! The Great Legacy of You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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