Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Live the Poetry You Are...

Live the Poetry You are as it is Still Being written. You writing Life. Life writing You. Creativity. This Infinite Force ever-expressing. The Magic caught. Springing. Spiraling. Pulled out of thin air. Spontaneity. Open the window within. Further than you can See. Deeper than what feels Safe. The poetry always here. It is You! The moments Alive. Nothing is ordinary. No one is Ordinary. We are Creatures of Soul. Extraordinary. This Truth echoes. Ride The waves of Grace You are. Connected to this Sense of Self. Live Deliberately. Knowing who You are and Living Open. Not speaking in Absolutes. Living the We'll See. Never saying Never. Not knowing what You will or will Not do in a moment. Being here. Being there. Jumping In. Letting the Passion dance You into the Surprises ever-calling. The Point of Creation is Now. Arriving. Meeting Your Self again and again and again. Stretching Your arms wider and wider letting go. Letting Life. The Surrender to Your Soul, to the Universe within an act of Faith receiving Your Truest Self ushering You into Your Truest Life. The Control model cuts out the Heart and Soul creating more of the same from what is known. Rooted in History. Replaying the Song. Rewriting the Poetry that has been written. As Magnificent as what has been, there is More. Always More. You evolving the Self. Nourishing Your Soul by fulfilling Your Destiny. You living the Life You came here to Live. This is the Dream experienced. To stand in this moment of Your Life. To Stand in any moment of Your Life and See so Clearly: "This is the Life I came here to Live." You touch the heavens within feeling your limitless Soul washing You Up onto New Shores here on earth. You churning Up. Organic changes flowing from inner shifts. Divine Timing. Dormant energies awakening. Your Soul is scheduled. The map within guiding You into New Life. Trusting the Sacred Blueprint unfolding You. You the Poetry. You the Poet. No talking Your Self into Things. No choices rooted in external expectations giving others Authority over Your Life. Choiceless choices. This unexplainable Ease. Following the Call. Compelled by what makes no Sense to others but what makes Perfect Sense to You. That MUST Do feeling pulling You into What's Next?! Into The Life You came here to Experience for your Greatest Joy and Highest Good. No following the herd. You are here for Your Amazing Adventure. Trying to Be who others need You to Be, living a Life that does Not fit, being other than You are is to know hell. The Soul's Journey. Anything but dull. Welcoming Change. Unattached to fixed Ideas. Liberating Your Self. Daring the gods to Show Off. Believing ANYTHING is Possible. Smiling with All of You dancing Free in the Beauty of Life. Ecstasy. The sheer Joy of Being. You unafraid to Walk on Water. You unafraid to Fall in the Water. Living it All. Engaged. Plugged In. No waiting for Permission. Going to the Edge again and again because You Must. Leaping. Trusting the Net. The Source of All Creation. Always here. Always there. Holding You. Assisting You. Your Brave Heart Remembering what the Soul Knows: YOU Came Here to Live as No One Else. YOU Came Here to Go where Only You can Go in order to Bring through Your Unique Verse. The poetry of You a Part of the Collective Poem. YOU Being You. Inviting More of You to Play. Living Simply. Simply Living. Soooo Badasssssss!!! Beyond Measure. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)).

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