Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Call of Your Playful Soul!

Feel the Call of Your Playful Soul! Ohhhh YES!!! Dare to Be Young and Silly and Feel Your Self come Alive. Play On and On and ON. Playfulness springs from being Open, dancing in the moments, allowing spontaneity Not knowing what You will or will Not say or do; letting go and being out of Control without Fear of looking Foolish in the eyes of others. Simply being You. Following your sense of Joy. Remembering Life is Fun and It is Fun to be You doing things that You love. Uncensored. Going into the Innocence. Wild. Free. Smiling and giggling with All of You where the resonance of Joy is palpable. Yesterday, as I walked downtown, I just had to skip down this Street so Skip I did. The Urge to skip came and I dared to lean into this with no regard to what others might think. Wow! This is living. It is. Later that night, I got a video from a friend that made me belly laugh over and over delighting in her Play. She and her 7 year old son were staying at a hotel away for Thanksgiving. The clip is her swan diving from one bed onto the other in her PJ's. I urged her to post on Instagram knowing her Joy is contagious and will Inspire. What an amazing legacy of Play she is passing On to her little man. She is simply being who she is and in that, she shows him it is okay to be who he is. He will have his own journey in life as we all do around forgetting to Play, grinding away day after day, disconnected from what we need. Play is essential. It is soul Food. Non-negotiable. If you want to taste the sweetness of Life celebrating the moments. Turning on music in the car or at home and dancing wildly opens You. Singing along at the top of your lungs Not because You have a good voice but because it feels good. And damn! It feels Good to FEEL Good. Feelin Alive. Sipping in the Goodness is living for the Love of Living instead of feeling burdened by Life. There are heavy times that absolutely will swallow you. But don't forget to lighten your Heart with Play in whatever way You can. Stop! Nourish your Self: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Looking for the humor and laughing at whatever You can. I remember instead of simply being offended by stupid comments well-intended people made as I stood at my late-husband's casket; I made a TOP 10 List of Dumbass Shit People said. Haha! The Power of Play and Humor is Amazing. It is Not denying the feelings of anguish and sadness that wash through. It is welcoming All you are feeling. Not cutting Off the Joy that is ever-Present. Living Spirited in the moments dancing Free in the Beauty that IS even in the Ugliness of Life. Soooo take your Self by the hand and GO Play! Please. Please. Please. Do your Self a Favor. Give your Self the gift of Play. Do You. Be You. Booty pop. Twist and shout. Grab some pom poms. Cheer Jump. Hula Hoop. Go for a drive or hike. Invite one of your favorite playmates out for coffee or a beer. Say: I wanna PLAY with You! Let's Go Play. Sing the truest Song of Your Heart: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This Force You are that animates All of Creation. Stretch Your arms Wider and Wider feeling the Flow of Love breathing YOU, washing through YOU. Ohhh...Passion is Yummy! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)).

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