Friday, December 12, 2014

Free the Possibilities!

Come On a Ride with Me into Your Self. Here. Now. Breathe. Feel the Possibilities! You Ever-Blossoming. You Delighting in Being You and Experiencing this Amazing Adventure moment by moment with Humor and Grace. Enter this Day Open to The Power of Your Beliefs and Thoughts. Subconscious and Conscious. What You are aware of and what You aren't. Know Thyself. Observe Your Self as You walk through this Day. Pay attention to what's behind Your Choices. Are You Ruling Your Life? Or Are Your choices Made by Old Beliefs? Be Mindful of Conditioning, What You were taught by others giving authority over Your Life instead of ruling Your Life with Choices that align with Who You Are. Just consciously Observe. Be Compassionate making it Safe for Truth to bubble Up and Out. No need to Control What springs! Just be Present to Your Self noticing your thoughts and beliefs and how they inform your Life and the choices You make All Day. Every Day. Dictating EVERYTHING! From What You wear to what You eat to what You Say to where You live. The Lifelong Living Inquiry: Knowing Thyself!? What is You and What is Not. Letting Go. Meeting Your Self. The Beauty revealed. Joy washing through knowing this Is the Life You came here to Live. The evolution of You. Me. All. Assessing Beliefs and where they originated. Letting Go of what limits. Dismissing what insults your Soul. Standing in Your sense of Self. Inviting Higher Wisdom. Rising to Meet Your Life. Shedding the Cages. Flying FREE! Woo:). Ohhh...Make No Mistake: Thoughts and Beliefs create Your Reality. Your inner World reflected in the outer world. Yesterday, I was Walking down the Street and the thought flashed In: If I am Fat and don't know It, Please Don't Tell Me. Haha! A moment of Clarity around the Power of our Thoughts and Beliefs. If I Never lived in this Modern world, Thoughts of Fat and Skinny would Not Exist. Ignorance is Bliss. I would Not Believe my Self to be Fat or Skinny. I would Simply Be Me. Imagine: Just Living. Being in Our Bodies. Alive in them with No Shame or Judgment. Feeling only the Pleasure of this Human experience made Possible by our Flesh. Knowing the Body truly Is the Vehicle for Your Spirit here to Express. Touching the Divine Essence. Remembering the Magnificence You Are. Wow! Sweet Liberation. Tasting Your Self. Receiving Your Self with Love. Awe. Gratitude. Embodying Truth. Living OUTside the confines of Cultural Beliefs and Thoughts. YOU Choose. I Choose. We get to CHOOSE! Let's Dare to Exercise Our Power of Choice Calling Bullshit on what strips The Sheer Beauty of You. Me. All. This Wondrous Life. Just say HELL NO! And GO! Grab a New Thought and Belief that Makes You FEEL Alive. Letting Go. Feelin' Your Self. The Power of You as Co-Creator partnering with the Universe within You. Coming ALIVE as Never Before. Unbuckle Your Safety Belt and Enjoy the Ride that is Your Life. Hands in the Air. Letting Go. Shouting: Weeeeeee:)! Watch the Miracles Dance through You. You are Free. Say THANK YOU! More Please. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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