Monday, December 1, 2014

You Are The Answer. The Hope.

Believe. Believe. Believe with All of Your Heart: You are the Answer! You are the Hope. You are a Living Prayer in the flesh with seeds of Promise ever-blooming. You loving this Life You are living, harvesting the Bounty of You being who You truly are is the Greatest act of Service to All. You following the Call within saying Yes! to what others believe is foolish; saying YES! to what only You see is possible. Daring to Stand in Your Life knowing the Dream unfolding You and this Life is the Universe expressing through You uniquely. I am a Dangerous Woman, a Believer in Miracles, who lives from this Soul of Mine standing Fully in the Muck, the Ugliest of Myself and Humanity KNOWING: I Am the Answer. You are the Answer. Sowing seeds of Promise feeding the Whole with the Bounty We Harvest. Daring to Harvest More and More. Inviting the heavens to SHOW OFF and remind All we are The Miracles we are waiting for. Believe in the Power of You receiving this Love You are, opening and allowing the Amazing Grace of the Universe to lift the veils revealing the Truth and Beauty of You: The heavens gave YOU a Bounty to Harvest like no other. There will never be another human being just like You. Wow! Sip that In. And Believe the significance of You is immeasurable just like All of Creation down to the tiniest insect and bodies of water and grass springing from the earth. You are Infinity at Play. You are part of the Divine Orchestra dancing in harmony, playing your part. You are the Greatest Song ever-singing. And reverence for Your Self and Your Life makes it possible to revere All of Creation. Holy communion with Your Self brings communion with All. The soul Knows. The Heart remembers: We are One. The Limitlessness you embody is Alive within each of us. You transcending old beliefs that insult your Soul that came here to Live on the edge. Jumping. Testing Your Wings. Flying Free from the Cage again and again. You rising because You must. You being You. You doing You awaken us All to the dormant potentials within Us ready to hatch and blossom for Our Joy. Never! Never! Never! Underestimate the Power of One who has the audacity to Believe in All that lies within. Do not Settle. Do not sell your Self short. Do Not play Small when this Big Life is calling You into More. Believe in Your Self and watch this force of Love take you on a Ride into More! More! More! You are so Sacred. You Matter. This is Your Life. Be F*ing Stoked! Let your Joy guide you and your choices. Live Open. Invite the Abiding Hope to companion You. Anticipate the Surprises of your Life this Day. Giggle with Delight and shout: woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

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