Thursday, December 25, 2014

Santa Brings the SURPRISES!

Santa! Santa! Santa! Ohhh, The Surprises of the Season reminding You to Live Open. Expect Miracles. Love Big. And watch Life Ride You into the Dreams waiting for You to Show Up. Dance Wildly. Play with abandon. Free falling into the moments. Letting Go. Letting the Magic lift the Veils. You SEE the Truth and Beauty of YOU. And All. Clarity. Revelations. You know what You didn't know what You couldn't know before. Now is the Time. Here is the Gift. The Present. Being in the moment. This moment. And the next. Unwrapping You. More Life. Laughing with Pure Delight. Returning to Innocence. Viewing Life with the eyes of a Child filled with Curiosity. Wandering in Wonder. Truth whispering: YOU just can't plan the best things in Life. The Surprises are the Best of Life! Dancing to the Song within Your Heart echoing LOVE. PEACE. JOY. All your Heart and All your Soul stirring into the Collective. You being You. Doing You. Bringing the Change. Ohhhh, BELIEVE!!! You are the Love of the heavens in the Flesh. You are the Dreamer and the Dream. You are Amazing Grace embodied. You are the Stars twinkling on this Earth lighting the Way. All the intangibles are the BEST of You and Life. The Beauty that must be Felt. Experiencing the Surprise of YOU coming Alive. Feeling Your Way! Following Your Bliss. Awake. Happyass Dancin' 'cause it FEELS good to FEEL good. And it is Damn GOOD to Be You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! Merry Christmas to YOU! I Love YOU❤.

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