Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wrap Up the Gifts of 2014!

Wrap up the gifts of 2014! Reviewing all that has been with a deep sense of gratitude, you take your Open heart into the New Year lighting the way for The Good that is sure to come. Counting blessings! Feeling a sense of Awe that You are living this Life. Celebrating Life. All of it! Mining for the gold that lies within all experiences. Seeing the wonders of You revealed in the Living of Your Great Adventure facing the days come what may. Focusing on the Good that has risen from the depths of You even in the shit storms. Extracting the Beauty of You and Life in the not so Pretty. Finding your way to Laughter, allowing your humanness and being entertained by your fallibility and stumbles. Remembering that Falling down shows you that You are Truly Unstoppable. Picking Your Self Up again and again only to Discover You grow Taller each Time. Strengthened by the Use of your Inner muscles being stretched and pulled. Releasing the Perfectionism that strips the Joy of being You. Refusing to waste energy on criticizing, you choose to befriend Your Self loving your Self no matter what. Making the conscious choice to LOVE your Self! Knowing Your LOVE is the Miracle. Seeing that there is enough LOVE in this moment to fill the cracks created in the moments when You could Not feel the Love. Feeling Lovable! Falling in Love with your quirks and idiosyncrasies. Holding Your Self Dear. Scanning your journey so far to appreciate Fully how you have not just Survived the crap but You have become stronger feeling confident and capable BECAUSE of the crap. Being You is Badass. Seeing evidence of Your Brave Heart so fierce that kept You Going where You did Not want to Go; where You had to Go to Meet more of Your Self. Evolving in the Face of Life. Staring down the monsters in order to experience the Power that lies within You. Embracing the Unique ways the heavens express through You. Being authentic instead of trying to be a version of you in order to fit some idea of what makes a person good or perfect. Accepting who You are! And inviting more of who you truly are to emerge as authenticity is a life-long exploration not some goal to be achieved. Receiving the Miracle You are and Life Is. Letting Go of limiting beliefs and flying free from the cages that contain You as You are an Uncontainable Force. Letting GO makes space for the Miracles! And the Miracle is You aligned. Tuning into Your Higher Self, the Universe within You and Consciously setting intentions. Daring to Speak your deepest desires that spring From your Heart, claiming the Life you came here to Live, freeing the Passion and coming Alive in the Joy. Trusting your Self and letting each moment of each day awaken You to the Possibilities. Tapping into sacred longings that Call you Home in the quiet nudging You, whispering guidance, reminding You: THIS IS YOUR LIFE. Live IT! Step into it, leaning into the Fear, pushing through comfort zones, Believing YOU Matter! Believing YOU can do Anything! Believing with All Your Heart and All Your Soul fuels the Life you came here to LOVE. BELIEVING in Your Dreams. Dreaming Your Ass off and walking into the Dream breath by breath, FEELING it, Tasting it, Knowing it exists and is waiting on You to show Up and Play BIGGER than your mind can fathom. Ohhh, GO kickass this day being You! And keep kicking ass every moment of every day in the Year ahead. 2015: Bring It ON! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). I BELIEVE in You. Yes. I. Do!

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