Friday, November 28, 2014

Let Nature SING The Heaven You Are!

Let Nature SING the Heaven You Are! Ohhh...The Views. The Breath-taking views of Life through the lens of the Heart that Sees the Ever-Present Beauty. Opening You to the Truth of You mirrored Gloriously through Nature. The Hope of the skies. One look Up and All is well. Sipping In the Possibilities stirring within You. The clouds Floating by, shapeshifting into Unicorns and cowboys and puppies and You Feel the Abundance of You and This Amazing Life You are riding. Believing in the Wonders as the Stars appear when Night comes greeting You and reminding You of All that Light You embody but cannot See. Always There. Always Here. You hold your Heart connecting with the holy night. In Awe. All is Right within You. Within the World. The moments unfolding You. Me. All. Breath by Breath. Amazing Grace lifting the veils. Clearing what Must Go and making space for New Views made possible from the inner shifts. A bird swoops by taking You on a flight out of the Cage of Limitations over the rainbow where You mine for the Gold within You. Perching on a Branch with Your Heart lifted living in Faith, a Higher perspective revealing this Ocean of Love. The Miracle of You. Me. All. A sea of bare trees reflecting the changing Seasons inviting You to Surrender to What Is. No way to Stop Life from Cycling. The ebbs and the flows calling You Home. Their Presence echoing the Power within You. In a flash, You are Awakened by Communion. Experiencing the Oneness, knowing You are the trees and they are You. Standing at an Overlook watching the winds push the waters creating patterns ever-swirling, changing directions, You feel this Mystical dance with Your Self and Nature. The Sun doing what it does sprays the trees and the waters revealing shades Not visible just moments before. Wow! Wondrous Life. Wondrous You. Returning to Your Self. So Sacred. Returning to this Sense of Life that the grind of daily Life can strip. Our Human Journey, forgetting and remembering. The Views you Feed Your Self Matter. Tune in. Give Your Self what You need and Everybody Wins. Your Relationship with Your Self creates your Relationship with All. Every day a walk of Liberation. Letting go. Freeing You. Being who You are Now. The Evolution of the Self. You ever-growing. Water Your Self. The Care of You pours into the Collective. Essential Nourishment for the Soul found in Nature echoing and whispering. The inner compass carrying You into New Adventures ever-calling. Feel The Hush. The Hum. The Resonance of Love that Springs eternal within You and All. Let the Song in Your Heart so Brave and Vast sing You Home again and again to the Magic of You being You. You doing You. Living for the Love of Living. Saying THANK YOU all damn day for a million reasons and no reason at all. Live. Dance Wildly. Love. Be Stoked. Laugh. And Laugh some More at Play with Infinity SINGing: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! It is damn Good to be You. I love You. You F*ing Matter. Yes. You. Do.

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