Friday, December 5, 2014

You've Got This Day. You've Got Everything.

You've Got This Day! Go Play. Be You. Do You. Stay Open inviting more of You to awaken and join the Party. Feel Your Heart Winking and Nodding greeting You in the Moments connecting You to All those You pass by This Day. Each of Us is given this Life to Live for as long as it lasts Expressing our Self Uniquely in All that we Say, Do and Think. This Life is Truly Your Gift Not Punishment. Not some Pass/ Fail Test. No Right or Wrong Way. It ain't about some Idea of Perfection that Strips the Beauty of Your Humanness and the abiding Joy of this Dance come what May. You do YOU Perfectly. You do! Focus on How Fun it is to Be You and Do All the things You get to Do. Feel Your Heart swell Receiving Your Self, the Abundance of You that Is Life Ever-Flowing until your Last Breath. Trust Your Self above All. Enter the Day with a Sense of Self. Just Breathe letting IN All the Good thoughts, Feeling the Gratitude and Letting OUT the worry, doubt, anxiety and Fear with each Exhale. Stand in this Moment. Feel the Strength standing on Your Own two Feet. Step by Step feeling the inner Rhythm. You in Harmony with the Universe One Moment at a Time. One Day at a Time. Do Not Pass Go! haha! Show Up and remember: You've got this Day to Love. No need to look any farther. Here. Now. You. Me. All of Creation. Evolving. Returning Home. Participating in This Grand Dance. You have Everything. And this is Everything. Living the moments. Meeting what comes. Allowing. Not Avoiding. Sipping it Into Your Marrow. For tomorrow holds for You nothing more than You Receive right here and Now. Abundance. Life is Abundant. You are the Abundance of life ever-expanding and growing wildly. This Creative Force is You. Your Life Playing Out the Song of Your Soul. Truth echoing. Home. The Power of the heavens, this Force of Love you house. Each day brings opportunities to Receive what Is. You. This love You are. Letting go. Receiving. Yes. More and more. What you cannot receive in this moment will wait for you in the Next. And this is Living until this inextinguishable Light leaves this body and dances in the Realms beyond. Pure Consciousness Alive still without the Sacred Vessel that is Your Flesh. Invisible yet Palpable. Call On those who have gone before You and Connecting to them Soul to Soul, Ask for their Assistance and Feel their Guiding hand in your hand. Feel the nudges. Hear the whispers. You are Not Alone. Within You Lies the Power to Part the Seas and the Courage to take the First Step up the Mountains that come. Go kick this Days Assssss being You! You are So Brave. REMEMBER this again and again. Celebrate Life All damn Day for a million reasons and no reason at All. And watch Life Celebrate YOU right back. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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