Thursday, March 5, 2015

There's a Flower in Your Soul Ever-Blossoming

This Full Moon so Alive is Speaking the Colors of You. Me. All Life. Painting new Skies for You to Ride as the Old fade. This Spring of You breaking through the Winter ground still Cold and Frozen. But beneath lies the Wondrous happenings that call You to Trust. To Journey to A depth of Rest where the Bursting of Life is palpable and must Be Felt vibrationally. Seeing the Unseen. This Well of Love doing what you Alone could Not possibly Do. The cooperative Partnership of heaven and earth in the Flesh. Ohhh, the Miracle of You. Me. All Echoing. Mirroring The Beauty. The Truth known in our Bones Leaving you Awestruck. The Letting Go. And the Surprise of More. The Seasons Cycling churn within You bringing Energies Up and Out. New Beginnings. And Endings. Creating a Fuller Expression of Who You are. The Poetry of You at Play with Life. Your own Nature revealing the Force within. Ever-growing You and This Life. Death in Service to Life. The Birthing of the Self. Sweet and Bitter is the Surrender. These Words awakened Me: "There's a Flower in your Soul Blossoming YOU." The bloom in all its Glory doesn't Tell the tale of Necessity. What comes to Call between Seeds sewn and Promises realized is Mystical. Known only by the Soul. Humanity has the Same soul. Each life distinctly expressing its Truth and Beauty. What is written. The Sacred Blueprint. Embedded in our Spirit. The holy Code where God is. Where the Creative Field is housed. The call Does not adhere to the Control model of Humanity. The surrender to the Birthing brings an Ease. But there is No Easy in the surrender. The human Grip is no match for the divine Pull. But the Grip is a Part of our Nature. As is the Divine pull. The Paradox of Life. To See Both. To Hold both. Releases the Tension created in the Tug-o-War. Allowing the opposing Forces of our Own Nature. Seeing. The Invisible made Visible through the Eyes of Amazing Grace with a 1000 radiant Souls behind Them. Always here. Always there. The Light of Life. Ushering us into the Beyond. Smiling and Nodding. Welcome Home. This human Ride is COOL SHIT = SOUL SHIT! Unbuckle your Safety belt. Dance. Dance. HappyAss Dance. To the Music within. Surely this is LIVIN The Wild! Feel the Flower in your Soul Blossoming YOU this Day and All your Days. Weeping. Laughing. Experiencing the Great Odyssey of You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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