Saturday, March 21, 2015

FEELing This Day! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

Just FEELING is a Grand Thing. It surely Is! Dropping into the Moments being there completely so ALIVE in the Direct Experiences. Knowing, This. This new Now is my Life. So sacred. Where I meet my Self and Others and the Universe converging in the Collective Dance. This intimate Exchange within your Self makes it Possible with All. In The Freedom to Be You, You will Taste Another depth of Beauty in Living. Life Springs Gloriously when You are Comfortable with Being fully human resting with a Sense of Peace in your Tears as well as laughter. Living in Emotional Integrity allows the Tears to come as easily as the laughter. Being Brave enough to Be Authentic. Not censoring. Not holding Back what is Real. Not pretending. Not apologizing for the Organic Expression of your own Nature. Not Believing your Tears make you Weak and Laughter makes you Strong. Or that Tears make for a bad day raining on the Parade of Life and Laughter makes a day Good. Holding both Sacred. The conditioning says one emotion is better than the other. But the Truth is All emotions Serve us and Release what comes Up and Out in a moment. I assure You that there's nothing Negative about Expressing whatever You are Feeling. It's Healthy revealing how connected You are to the Whole of You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. The Control model of our culture teaches Us how to reel our Self In and Hide instead of Express where we Are. We Feel uncomfortable when we Cry or get pissed off judging this emotional climate as Out of Control. Feeling Shame and Feeling Crazy instead of Just FEELING. Understanding at a deeper Level: You MUST FEEL to Heal. Feelings wash through and cleanse repressed Energy. The emotional Constipation that makes your Life Stale and keeps You on the Surface. The Riches of You are Discovered in the Plunge into All that Heart and Soul. Feeling your Way. Meeting Your Self. Seeing the Beauty. Connecting to Your Life Force that is the Essence of All Creation. Living the Passion. Following your Joy which is Not void of Tears. The resonance of pure Joy abides. The flow of Joy Is. Without Ceasing. The human self based in History wrapped in an Idea of Joy makes It conditional and Cuts off this natural Flow by Judging and feeling Ashamed. But in the Freedom to Be wherever you are in a Moment and Feel what comes, JOY Is. I promise! I absolutely Do. JOY echoes within You. Let it Be. Being You. Being True to You. Dismissing what Violates you Going into the Heart and Soul Fighting the good Fight for YOU. Daring to reprogram the BS conditioning that Strips the Aliveness that Comes from Truth. Experiencing the Joy of simply Being. Doing what You Do. Lead the Charge! Be You and Show others the way Home to their Own nature. The One true Thing! Sending Good juju your Way. Feeling the Possibilities. HappyAss Dancing as I Cry and Laugh because I can and I must. It's Me being Me. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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