Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Letting Go: UnTuck Your Self!

Yes!!! I was Tucked Away. We all Tuck our Self away. It is a part of the Human Journey. It just is. The Tucking and Untucking equally Purposeful. When we are Ready for new depths of Freedom , we fly out of the Cages we willingly walk into. The lifelong Liberation of You. Me. All. More of Life awakening. Authentically expressing who we Are. Our Voice ever-evolving Singing the Song of who we Truly Are (Now) not the versions of Us that Serve in reminding Us who we Are Not. We need to Be who we Are Not to Discover the Truth and Live the Beauty ever-Blossoming. We give away our Power to Claim our Power. The awakening from our Slumber comes in Perfect Time. The human grip is No Match for the divine Pull. The Soul trumps the Human desire to belong, to be Loved, to be who others need us to Be. My death and rebirth was caused by John's death 4 years and 4 months ago. And I continue to UNTUCK My Self. Again and again. Girl, No MORE hiding is what I say. Be You! And I say that to ALL. Be YOU! Let who you are Sing You Home to come Alive. I Would never have wished for the Tragic Loss of John Threewits. I loved him and our Life. But I laugh that the Woman I Am Now could Not be Married to John and he would not want to be Married to me. I would not trade one Moment of our Life together as it made me who I Am. As did his Death. This Grace I now Live has been that Hard Fought LOVE of Heart and Soul. Telling the F*ing Truth to my Self. Not pretending! Honest conversations within my Self Growing the Wild of my Spirit. Going deeper than I wanted to Go within my Self. Allowing the Pain to come. The Pain cut Life into Me and Freed me. The liberation continues until the final Letting GO as breath leaves our Body. This is a Poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!!!! Breathe. Let Go. Let your Self UNTUCK. Moment by moment. Choice by choice. Day by Day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! It is Amazing to Be You and Free More of You. My Woman Song: To You I was malleable. Appearing as A Woman of Steel to the Outside World. But I went to Sleep that Day. Cutting Off my wild Curls. Wiping those Trademark cranberry lips clean. Leaving no Trace of Color. Putting On a Suit of Armor. Making sure No One was Looking at Me. Anything to keep You comfortable. Winning You through abandoning Me. Covering my Self with this shroud while breath still Pulsed through my Body. The dimness of Sacrifice I called Love. Mistaking you for Life Force. Projecting God onto You. Believing like the Child I was that my very survival depended on You. Pieces of Me I couldn't contain mirrored in your eyes. The gold of Me I couldn't See I lined You with. There's no bending Time. What was Is meant to Be. All necessary. Liberating Me from a Life that Tamed. Came this Fight so Fierce. No going back to Sleep. Smiling as There's no way you could be married to a Woman like me. This Free. Made possible from the cages I willingly climbed into. Feel Me. There ain't no Bitter just the Sweetness tasted on the Other Side. You gifted Me in Life. And gifted Me in Death. The Day I stopped Missing You I found The Missing Me. Right here. In this New Life. Standing Whole. Finally unafraid of Being Human. Making Peace with the Choices instead of tryin' to wish them and Me Away. Letting all of My Life Touch Me. Opening The More every single Day. As Life's Blood flowing cauterized the Wounds. Learning what Love Is from what It isn't. Human Love truly Is divine. This is where I met God. Feeling the Poetry I have Lived. Living Me. This Answered Prayer. Always Answering the Question of Me.

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