Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Great Surprise of YOU!

What we call Surprise Is the Universe at Work! Seeing what you've Never Seen. Life shifting as the Seas part. The Impossible made Possible. What you Never Imagined. What You never Could have Known until You Knew. No unknowing. Your View of This World suddenly Changed. Opening You In an Instant. The Great Reveal of You. The Veils lifted. Was Blind. But Now, You See. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! There You are. Here You are. More life. More of You. Carved by This Road. Showing Up. Experiencing the Moments. Letting them Touch you. Piercing you. All that Light You cannot See breaking You Free. Your consciousness Ever-growing. Meeting Your Self again and again. Arriving where You have Never Been. Going where You Never Dared. Emboldened by this Liberation walk. You are the Adventure you Seek. Connecting to your Higher Self. Your Soul always Knows. The Heart remembers. In perfect Time. The Colors of You painting New landscapes. Pictures of You filtered through a New lens. No going Back to Sleep. But the Slumber was a Part of the Awakening. No wasted Time. No wasted Experiences. It is truly All Perfect. Trusting the Universe. Trusting Your Self. Aligning. Finding your Way further than you can Think. From losing your Way. All roads Lead You back to You. No wrong Turns just Life lived. Yes!!! So damn Sweet in the Looking back. Reviewing the Steps that led you Here. The Distance is Life Breathing through The Fog. Dense. Thick. Appreciation comes for All moments. It is The Vessel of Sacred sight Carrying the Light Into the darkest of Dark. Personal hells that Surely come. As sure as the Heavens met along the Way. From here to There. What you had to Live. The bitterness Tasted brought a Depth of Sweetness only Possible on the Other Side of what You would Never have wished for. Standing here in Present Time. What has Been is A part of You. Still. The Alchemy of the Heart spins the lead into Gold. Washing Life through the Filter of Truth and Beauty. Seeing the Power of the Universe lies within You and wants to Play bigger and Bigger. For your Joy. In being You. In evolving You. Growing the Wild. Blossoming the Flower in your soul. So Magnificent. Limitlessness. Creating the Masterpiece of You. The Surprise of You. Letting Go. Doors Closing. Doors Opening. Until the Final letting Go. Believe! Believe! Believe! Wherever You are is where You need to Be. Be there. Extracting the Wisdom. Inviting the Surprise. Jumping Up and Down. Excited! Knowing the Best Is here and Now. And leading you to the Best that's a'comin. Feel it! Feel YOU. So Badasss Brave. Ain't no Stoppin' the Surprise of YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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