Saturday, March 7, 2015

This Ache to LIVE!

There is an Ache to Live that Inspires Action. Moving toward the Life that Awaits. This Missing that can't be Explained. An inner Urging. Longing for What's known to the Soul. The Expectation of More Life opening within You and within the World. Life is Happening and has Happened. Pulling You with no Clear Map. Rooting in your Spirit Trusting, Feeling Certain in the midst of Uncertainty and walking with the Universe experiencing the Unshakable Faith in this Connection. See what Is. Focus on what Is. Feel life Realized. Actualized. Manifested. Visualizing and sipping the Images into your Bones. Walk into the Moments of each Day. Just keep Walking. Be Deliberate with a Sense of Purpose in All experiences. Tapping into the Magic within. This Mystical Dance of Human and Soul. Aligning the Human Journey with the Soul Journey holding Both Sacred. Walking into Life ever-Calling. Meeting who You need to Meet. Doing what You must. Being Still. Facing what Comes. Finding the Best of You even in the Worst. Knowing Thyself. More and More. Full Steam ahead. On your Path. Gathering momentum with the Your Energy in Present Time. Pulling your Life Force out of the Past. Freeing You. Standing Taller and Taller. Rising. And Life Rises to Meet You. Meeting More of You. Meeting the Lives you came here to Live in this Lifetime. One Door closes. And you Know another is Open. Walking toward the More. Step by Step. Letting Go. Going where You are Fed. Following Your Heart fierce enough to Liberate You. To Fight for this Adventure called Your Life. The holy Craving nourished in fulfilling Your Destiny. Returning Home to Your True Nature. You are You. Growing Life from The Wild which is your Soul. Happily at Rest. Nothing to Prove. Everything to Give. Wanting to Create for the Joy of Expressing You. Surely this is heaven on earth! Loving life for a million reasons and no reason at All. The Love abides. Bliss is Yours. The Dance of Happy springs from the well within You. You HappyAss dancing to the Song of You. In Harmony. The Rhythm within brings the Magic. Living this Dream Awake. Here. In the New Now. Ever-Dawning. Ever-Freeing. The Wonders of You. Wow! Wow! Wow! Woo woo woofrickinhoo :))!

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