Monday, March 2, 2015

Happiness Lost and Found!

Chasing Ideas of Happiness! The pursuit of Happiness an Idea as American as Apple pie. But the resonance of Happiness is an Inside Job found in the Hush. Letting the Pace of the Outer world Go as You Go into Your Self. Connecting. Touching the Sacred. Your Essence. Your Soul Knows the Truth. And your Heart Remembers ever-whispering You Home. Chasing You from the Dreams that Are Not Yours. The Pain of trying to Fit your Self into an Idea is an Ache that will Not let You go until You fly Free. Into You. Into the Life where Happiness holds You in the midst of Chaos and Storms that surely will blow through. Happiness doesn't exclude external events. Happiness is inclusive allowing All moments to Be. Being present to Life on life's terms at Rest. Rooted in Truth that the World just can't Touch. Matters of the Spirit where you meet Uncageable You. Dancing Free in the Beauty that You Are. And Always will Be. No more Chasing an Idea. That which you Seek Nirvana which is Life itself. Here. In this New Now. Receiving your Self breath by breath. The Infinite Playing the Song of Glory echoing through You. Fully Human and so Damn Divine. Yes!!! Feel the Magic You are animating this Life. You are the Dreamer and the Dream. It is Happening and it has Happened. The Paradox of Life met. Meeting You. Me. All. This Cosmic Force. POEM: There is a Surrender within My Self Happiness Tasted It Is Me Who I Am. This Sacred Homecoming Holy Communion Fulfilled by my Destiny Meeting My Self Seeing Me Knowing Me Receiving The Universe. POEM: This Force within You IT Matters Not What You Call IT IT only Matters That You Touch IT Connect to IT And Let IT Move You Stir You Free You Return You Home To Your Own Nature Where You Remember YOU Matter. FINAL THOUGHTS: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! YOU Matter. You Do. Your Happiness Lost in one moment and Found in the Next. We forget and we Remember. It's okay. As the Happiness is Never Truly lost. It just feels that way. It is Not possible to Lose what IS eternal. Infinite. Sewn into the blueprint of our Soul.

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