Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Walking on Your Own Two Feet!

Say Yes!!! Welcome The Reveal of YOU. This Living Adventure of YOU. The Conversation within aligning with Your Spirit and Materializing It. Unfolding this Dream that is Your Life. Meeting Your Self. Again and again. You are You. And who You enter this Day as is Not who ends the Day. Changes so Subtle and Gentle. Some are Swift and Great. Dormant forces awakening. This is Your Life. Distinctly Expressing the Song of You. Your Own Nature. Like no Other. Knowing Thyself. The Letting Go. And Finding your Way to Trust. Trust is a Matter of your Spirit Ever-Free. Your Truest Self where the Wisdom of the Universe is Housed within You. The Spirit Knows what the Mind will argue and debate. Truth and Beauty that Is unwavering. In All moments. Alive Within You. Finding Rest. Feeling the Peace holding You as You Ride the Waves. Trusting Life. Trusting Your Self. Trusting the Perfect Timing. Trusting All that comes Your way is Purposeful. Life experiences growing You. Evolving Your Soul through your Human Journey. The Becoming. Your consciousness opening OPENS You. Flowing with Life. Feeling the Magic in a Deep sense of Self. Touching the Sacred within You. Seeing the Hand of Amazing Grace at work. Always There. Always Here. Believing what only You Know. Surely it isn't Easy. But necessary to Honor your Individual Ride. Standing on your Own two feet grounded in a Sense of Faith. Knowing You. Believing what others do Not. Seeing that They cannot See what You do. It is human to want Others to validate our Experiences. To See what we See. But this isn't always Possible. Even the dearest of Friends who want to Understand You and where You are, just can't and won't. Let this be Okay even when it doesn't Feel Okay. Give your Self the Understanding You crave from others. Staying Centered. Trusting what You know. No explaining your Self. Not allowing the Projections of others to Rock you. Remembering each of us sees Life through the lens of Who we Are. Where we Are. Well-intended or Not. People Cast shadows of Doubt. Projections of Fears and Worries and Anxieties. Breaking the Spells in seeing Clearly your unique point of View. Carving your Life choice by choice, day by day, from a Sense of Self is Badass Brave. Stepping Out of conditioning. Liberating You and this Life that makes You come Alive. Living the Wow! Knowing the WOW is You. Bring the WOW! All damn day. Do You. Be You. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:)!!

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