Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Be Bold. Be You. Bring the Change!

You Changing the Conversation within Your Self changes You and All of your relationships. The intimacy You crave with Others must be Cultivated within You. Your Honest conversations within as You walk through your Days will Grow You and Stretch You. No BS! Telling the Truth to You about How you Feel in any given moment. Noticing when You go along to get along agreeing to things that don't sit well with you; that aren't aligned with who You Are. Observing how You show Up in various circumstances. Feeling empowered and disempowered. Being True to Your Self or Not. Honoring your wants and needs or ignoring your inner urge to Speak Up or Stand Up for You. Learning from it All. Understanding Life It Self is the Teacher mirroring your Truth. Revealing where Fear dictates your Choices. Not always easy to See or look at when you Let our Self down unwilling to Fight for Your Self as you do for Others. No Judgment. No Shame. Keep your Heart Open and Light understanding It is our Shared journey to Give our Power away in order to Discover It. To lose Our Self in order to Find More Calling us. Fear is Human Nature and the Brave Heart is Fierce enough to Free us. This Life is a Liberation walk moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day until the Final letting Go. "Know Thyself!" The Wisdom of the Ages. Your greatest Adventure is You. What will Challenge You most in Life is You. Coming to SEE You distinctly. To Embrace your idiosyncrasies as they are your View into Your Own world; your personal Wonderland that is Magnificent and So Rich. To explore Your Story lived and appreciate your own Hero's journey calling You to Rise. Evolving your consciousness and Awakening energies whose Time has come to Play for Your Joy (not punishment). Letting go of who You Believed your Self to Be and Letting More of You emerge. It is Fun to Be You! And when you can Appreciate your Self, you can Appreciate All knowing it certainly isn't always Easy to navigate this Life. But Opening to You Opens You to All. Connecting to You Connects You to All. Your Brave Conversations with Your Self create Brave Conversations with All. Bring the CHANGE! Dare to Believe in You. Be Bold. Be Brilliant. Be the Breath of Fresh Air you ache for in this Vanilla World. Be YOU. And Go into the Wild of You ever-Growing the Joy of Being YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! So stoked for You. Me. All. We're in this Together!

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