Sunday, March 1, 2015

Live. Laugh. Love = Happiness

Happiness is Our Destiny if We only get out of the way and let our Heart and Soul guide us into a Spirited Life. Feeling Alive in a deep Sense of awe and wonder going about the living of this Adventure. Standing in the Truth that to Simply Be Alive is a Beautiful Thing. Discovering the Sacredness within and experiencing the Sacred in All moments. The seemingly Ordinary becomes Extraordinary as You go about your Day Being you, Doing what You do connected to the divine Essence. Remembering who you Truly are. Remembering YOU MATTER. Remembering your Relationship with Your Self creates your Relationship with All. Checking in all day long noticing when You feel disconnected from Your Self. The lights are On but Nobody's Home as you are in the Doing of Life with no connection to your inner Being. Feeling tired, overwhelmed, disempowered, bored, dulled, anxious, restless, swallowed by Life instead of Participating and Creating from a sense of Self. Asking your Self: what you Want and Need? Acting on Your Own Behalf. And Living the Answer returning to a Flow inviting it to Blossom you more and more. Breathing through your body to Open your Mind and plug into the intelligence of your Heart and Soul. Over-riding your Wants and Needs is the surest path to Unhappiness. But feeling Unhappy is the wake Up call to find our Way to Happiness. Clenched jaws from repressed Resentment and Bitterness is the result of chronic Unhappiness, holding on by a thread feeling as if you will Burst. This culture still celebrates the Sacrificing martyr believing a Good Person places everyone else's needs over her/his own. But this model is a recipe for Unhappiness. Assessing Beliefs that hold your Happiness hostage will set YOU Free. Liberating your Happy Heart! Challenging the Old crap that weighs on You, Reframing thoughts, consciously untangling from what You feed your Self and reprogramming is liberating the Happiness that lies within You. Letting Go. Again and again. Being vigilant. Setting intentions to Be Happy, to Cultivate Your Happiness will Reveal what's concealed, what you can't See; You become conscious of patterns, behaviors and Beliefs that make You Unhappy that Keep YOU and the Life you came here to Live at Bay. Believe In HAPPINESS! Fight for Your Happy. You are responsible for your Own Happiness which is made possible by you Responding to your Wants and Needs. And your Happiness will cause Happiness within the World awakening this Energy in Others just as Happy People stir your Playful Soul. Live. Laugh. Love. As if Your Very Life depends on It! Take your Self by the Hand and HappyAss Dance. It is Damn GOOD to Be You and Feel HAPPY. Woo woo woofrickinnhoo:)!

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