Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fly High Rising to Meet Your Self and Life!

You were Born to Fly! You've Got gears within You haven't Even touched calling You Home. Ready to Take You on a Ride into More Life. Do you Ever Feel like You can actually Fly? Wings growing from a Sense of your Self and All the Possibilities springing from the Depths of You. You See IT! You See your Self. Receiving the Graces bestowed on You. Seeing You are a distinct Expression of Life. Appreciating The Unique way You move about the World. Feeling The Joy of Being You! Connecting to Your Spirit so Alive and Free. Relishing The things You absolutely Love about Being You. Making Time to Do what Feeds You. Blossoming in the White Spaces on your calendar. Finding windows within Your day to climb into Your Self. Remembering who you Truly are. Knowing You are Sacred and This is Your Life. Painting NEW PICTURES of You and Life! Coloring your Self and Life with a Sense of Magic. Imagining You in a Life that Fills you with a Sense of Excitement. Closing your Eyes and Seeing beyond the Limited world before You. Stoking that Inner Fire living the Passion that Bursts with the Heat of Life. Using the Fire instead of being Burned from the Creative Energies within You imploding. Holding back your Sacred desires and longings cuts Off the Flow of Life deadening You. Letting the Wild of You Grow liberates the Surprise of Life. Playing with Infinity. Your Limitless Soul skipping and dancing and singing You into All that Awaits. Daring to Go where you Feel the Fear of your Gut ignited. Being Uncomfortable in the Anxiety, Worry and Doubt washing Through You. Leaning into being Afraid. Breathing into the Moment. This New Now is the Point of Creation. Experiencing the Aliveness always Present even in the Fear. Letting Go. Being there. IN IT! IN your Life. IN the Moment. No more Resisting this Natural Response to Pushing the Boundaries. Befriending the Fear. Acknowledging It. Pulling the Curtain Back So you can See the Power of You. Claiming the Magic of You. Unstoppable. Uncontainable. Uncageable. All that Heart and All that Soul speaking the Truth and Beauty of You. Calling you to the Edge of You. Inviting You to Jump. Again and again. Liberating the Love of Living. Trusting your Wings that are Stretched by your Courage. The Fight within. Your KickAss Brave Heart that Never says Never and BELIEVES Anything is Possible! FLY. Because You can. Because You must. Flying HIGH. Rising to Meet your Self and this Life ever-Revealing the Wonders of YOU. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo:))!

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