Friday, March 20, 2015

Making the Afraid Okay.

This Liberation walk that is Life. To be so Free and Yet Held. Always more of Us to be Discovered in the Letting Go. The necessity as the Soul has schedules to Awaken. Divine Timing. The person who enters this Day is not the One who will end it. Some shifts are so subtle that we have no awareness of this. Some openings are so Vast within Us that we feel as if we have lived lifetimes in just One day. But consciously meeting our Self at play with Life, we come to See how Fear keeps us locked in Agreements to Be who we Are Not. We don't give our Self away All at once. It is Piece by piece. Trying to be who we think we should be. But in One moment, we STOP! We allow our Self to choose to be who we are. Simply being. Knowing what we want. Knowing what we like. Knowing what brings the Joy. Knowing what makes our heart Happy. Trusting our Self. To be. To choose. Life OPENS. The Goodness within us. Ever-flowing. Soothes us. Holds us. As we experience this Great Reveal of Who we truly Are. Freeing the Self. Again and again. Daring to create a life that pleases Us. Willing to disappoint others not as an Act of Rebellion but acting on our Own Behalf. Standing whole. Not letting our Hurt Self make choices that steal our sense of Aliveness. Choosing Our Happy. Acknowledging to others: "This is so hard for me! I am afraid." Making the Afraid okay. Bringing it OUT into the Open. Illuminating the Dark with the Truth. Daring to say what lies in your Heart and Soul. Sharing how you Feel. This is Badass Brave! It surely ain't Easy but it Is Necessary to Liberate this Life Force you came to Express for Your Joy. The More Brave you Are, the More Alive You Feel. Leaning into the Fear. Sitting with the Anxiety, Overwhelm, Doubt, Worry. Letting it Be. Being Okay with what you want to Judge. Not Afraid to Be Human is Fierce! Grow this Wild all Damn Day. Free the Life you absolutely Love that makes you hold your Heart and Say: THANK YOU! Seeing the challenges come but are No Match for what Lies within You. Seeing the Power of the Universe will Kick Ass for you If you Let go and Let IT. Feel the Possibilities churning You Up and OUT of your Comfortable and Invite your Spirit to Surprise YOU. Live the Wild. GO where it scares You Most to Go. Free the WOO WOO Woofrickinhoo:))! This day. This Life belongs to YOU.

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