Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Wild Wonders of YOU!

The Power of Our PRESENCE is The Miracle. The Magic that Rides Us into The Life we Came to Live. It is our Truest Self alive in the Moments creating this Life with a Deep sense of Our Sacredness. In Awe. How Wondrous Life is. Truly Immeasurable. Infinity at Play through Us. All the Light we cannot See within Us as we Are Vessels channeling Amazing Grace. The heavens embodied shining through Us as we Go about our Days Being who we Are. Doing what we Do. Our culture is Pet obsessed for reasons we can Explain and Reasons Beyond. My Cats sit Here with Me in this Moment. Offering me their Presence. Surely, This Is EVERYTHING. The One True Thing. Our pets Remind Us that Connection is essential Soul Food. Nourishment that fuels Us as nothing else can. Without Connection, we Become "Fat Cats" starving to Know Our Self. On the Surface, we appear to have it All. But the Truth is a Poverty of Heart and Soul that leaves Us Craving. Feeling Empty Until we Return Home. Centered. Touching the Cosmos within. Presence is the Purest of Love, the Soul Force, The essence of You. Me. All. This Creative Field animating All Life. Why we Doubt Our Mere Existence Enough is The Story of Humanity. The Pain in Forgetting who we Truly Are is Our shared Hurt. The Fracturing from Our Sacred Self. The Outer World consumes Us as we become Externally identified disconnected from Our Spirit Ever-Free. In this Moment. Finding my Way to You. To Me. To All. I Know. My Heart swelling from the Remembering. This Love. I Am. You are. The Universe. Each of Us a Piece of the Whole. Your Dance as Sacred as Mine. My song is Me speaking to the World being Me and Yours is Your Voice expressing the Passion you came Here to let Out for Your Joy. Together, we Make this Day, All Days Holy. Simply Being who we Are. Doing what we Do. Intentionally directing our Energies into creating the Life where we Feel Home within our Self come what May. And Praying for each Other in Touching our Life Force and casting It Out to All. Loving each Other Up! Wanting Good for Your Self and All. Knowing we are in this Together. Rooting in the Presence, we Rise. Again and again. Wherever You Go, you take Me. Wherever I Go, I take You. Believe YOU Matter. Believe ANYTHING is Possible. Believe from Your Core and watch the Mountains Move. Faith in Your Self is Faith in Humanity. The World needs Your Presence. Walk Tall knowing the Wild Wonders of Being You. HappyAss Dancing into the Day as If You've got EVERYTHING to Give 'cause You Do: YOU! You. You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo :)). Yes. It is Damn Amazing to BE You.

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