Friday, March 6, 2015

The Great REVEAL of You!

What we Call Change is just Living the Great Reveal of YOU! Yes. Life opening You Petal by Petal. The Poetic Dance between Spirit and Matter. You planning a Life and the Life you could Never have Planned comes a' Knockin'. Navigating the Unplanned Life that is here in front of You requires You to Trust in the Perfection not Visible to the Human Eye. Believing that where you are is Purposeful. Blessing where you are. Asking your Higher Self: "What is this Here to Show Me?" Going deeper than is comfortable. The Surface answer will always be based on your History coming from Past experiences or conditioned Beliefs. Live the Inquiry instead of going for a Quick Fix, and you will Experience lasting Change. The Connection to your Sacred Self will take you into depths of your Self. Knowings that spring from the Wisdom of the Universe will Transform You. And the Person you have Known your Self to Be will Rise Organically into More. Returning to your Own Nature. Knowing your Self intimately. But Never thinking you Know your Self so Well that You Lock your Self into fixed Ideas. Your Spirit Born for Flight always Sees the Open Door liberating You Again and Again until your Final Letting Go. Feeling this Sense of Freedom within your Self creates a Sense of Adventure. Moment by moment. Day by Day. Your soul Knows you came to Free the Joy of Being You. Beyond an Idea of what Joy is. This resonance within You is the Light of the heavens animating You and illuminating the Darkest moments. Stripping what's inessential to REVEAL the Truth of You. You. You. So Magnificent. Beyond the limited Self that will Wither You. Tune into the Feeling of the Flower Blossoming in your Soul beautifying you and Life. Love the Magic of Being You! And Grow the truest Wild which is Your Soul leading you into your Fullest Expression. Let the Prayer of Excitement in All that is and All that is to Be carry you into the Surprise of this Day. Meeting You. HappyAss Dancin hand in hand with You at Play. Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo :))!

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