Monday, March 16, 2015

Being BRAVE! Being YOU.

Being Brave is a Conversation within Your Self that Grows The Wild of Heart and Soul that Speaks the Truth of Who you Are. It is the Hard fought Love that will Free You! Going beyond the Surface. Living Deeper. Plunging into the Uncomfortable waters. Daring to Be You when Being You is different than the rest. When Being You makes others Uncomfortable because THEY need you to Be like them. Being Brave comes from facing any Fears that Come to visit in a Moment. The heat that washes through trying to Hold You Back. And you Choose You. You post that Selfie even when you are Worried about being Judged. You post a Comment instead of holding your Voice worried that You sound Stupid. These appear to Be little Things. But they are Huge. Being Brave enough to Be scared Shitless and Doing You. Being Brave comes from NOT STOPPING your Self from Being who You Are even when You are Worried or Terrified what Others will Think. Badassss LIVIN! Because to be Human is to Be insecure, to have Fear. It is Human Nature no Matter how Evolved or Grown to Be Afraid. Acknowledging the Worry, Doubt, Anxiety and Fear is necessary to Tap into the other Part of our Nature which is BRAVE Beyond measure. Limitless Courage right within YOU! Unstoppable. Untamable. Uncontainable. YOU. In your Power. Knowing who You Are and what you are Made Of. When I stopped Waiting for the Fear to Go Away and let it Come Along for the Ride, I Knew the True Power within Me. You. All. Yes!!! You are Brave. Let this Growing Conversation within Your Self extend out into your Circles. Talking about how hard it is to Stay True to who You Are. And the Magic that Happens in your Life when You stand in your Truth. Not defending or Trying to make others See the World as You do or Be You. Just Letting your Life SPEAK the Song of You. Your Brave Heart Roaring. The Fight of the heavens ALIVE in You! For years I apologized for Being Me. Saying I'm Sorry out loud and silently. Now that Part of Me just sings her Song. The Shame that killed my Spirit cannot hold Me hostage anymore. Some will Say, I am too Much or Not Enough. I must Let it Be. Some will Call me Brave. Some will Call me Foolish. I fly Free attaching to Neither. Simply Living. Being Me. And it certainly is Not easy but it is Necessary in order to come Alive living a Life You LOVE! The One true Thing: LOVE! This Passion that must be Freed. Liberating All that Heart and Soul you came to Express. Be BRAVE. Be YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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